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ThurJune22CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research that may help you find the motivation to  lose a little weight.

 MAKING CHANGES: Many times small changes have big effects over time - and this is  one of those times.

 FACT OR FICTION: It changed from brown fish sauce to red vegetable sauce that  once was proposed to take the place of a vegetable on the school lunch plate.  


In The News

Researchers from the Radiological Society of North America recently published findings that demonstrate when you lose weight, your cartilage loss in your knees slows considerably.

Knee replacement surgery as a result of loss of cartilage and osteoarthritis may be delayed or prevented with weight loss and muscle development to protect the knee joint. Being overweight places extra pressure on the joints and cartilage, increasing the wear and tear on the joint.

Additionally, people who were overweight also had higher blood levels of substances that indicated inflammation in the body - also contributing to the reduction in cartilage in the joints.

SOURCE: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170502084050.htm

Daily Health Tip

Weight loss may not always be easy, but it is relatively simple - just not always the decisions and actions we’d prefer to take.


Making Changes

Your weight loss journey may start with calorie reduction and an increase in calorie burn - but you would be wrong to start there. Instead, it’s important to evaluate the KIND of calories you eat each day and change those first.

Some say that weight loss is a function of calories in and calories burned - and to some extent they are exactly right. However, the type of calories you eat will either leave you feeling full and satisfied for hours at a time, feeding your body the nutrients it needs to function . . . or you’ll be hungry hours later, leaving you to feel starved until your next meal.

Cut out your carbohydrates - especially the empty calories like junk food and soda - and breads and pastas. While the media likes to say that whole grains are healthy, they actually are metabolized as sugar in your body, spiking your insulin levels and leaving your hungry just a couple hours later.

Replace your carbs with healthy fats - avocados, nuts, coconut oil, seeds, pastured/organic/non-GMO meat and dairy products are all healthy choices that do NOT raise your cholesterol levels, nor increase your risk of heart disease. Research has demonstrated that it is the sugar and carbs you eat that raise your inflammatory process, damage your blood vessels and trigger heart disease.

Drink a lot of water through the day, until your urine is a light straw color to indicate you’re hydrated. When you are fully hydrated you also don’t feel as hungry.

There are more tricks to losing weight - such as intermittent fasting and increasing your movement and exercise through the day - but your best first bet is to change the type of calorie you’re eating so as you gradually reduce the number of calories you don’t feel starved all day.


Daily Affirmation

I arrange for life in my new home. I call ahead for utility and cable connections. I scope out the neighborhood for parks, stores, and restaurants. I find some amenities for convenience as I start my new life and leave the rest to discover later.
My friends and family support me in this new venture. I make plans to keep in touch so I can maintain close relationships as I forge new friendships in my new location.
Fact or Fiction?

Ketchup Didn’t Originate in America

Ketchup was originally developed in the US as a tomato based sauce. In fact, it was first a brown, fish-based sauce from China. The British likely found ketchup in Southeast Asia and tried to replicate it in their country. Using tomatoes to make ketchup made the product last longer - up to one year on the shelf. After commercial ketchup was developed, manufactured and sold, homemade ketchup no longer tasted as good. This might be because the commercial product is laced with sugar, tailored to meet our desire for sweets. Another fun fact in ketchup history is that President Ronald Reagan once tried to get schools to consider ketchup a vegetable in order to make the lunch programs more flexible!


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