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In the news today researchers from the University of Illinois have discovered that people who are physically fit and active have a greater capacity to withstand a specific illness that isn't related to the heart or diabetes.

When Popeye ate his spinach, what specific ingredient was in the vegetable that gave him the strength of four men? Olive Oil certainly relied on Popeye and his spinach to save her! Read below to find out. 

In The News

In a study released from the University of Illinois, researchers have discovered that people who are physically fit have larger brains and more intact white matter than their peers who are less physically fit.

This is important for older adults who regularly engage in moderate to vigorus activity. They have more variable brain activity at rest than those who are not active. This variability is related to better cognitive performance, or thinking skills.

The researchers also found that on average, the older adults who were more active had better white-matter structure than their less active peers. This study demonstrated that the older adults had more flexibility in their brain function and cognitive abilities than peers who were less fit.



Daily Health Tip

This research looked at individuals who participated in moderate to vigorous activities.  Although the words ‘moderate’ and ‘vigorous’ may be a little overwhelming, you might be surprised by how Harvard University and the American Heart Association define these activities.

The lists of activities for both moderate and vigorous is amazingly similar from both sources. 

Your healthy tip is to stop making excuses and start doing something every day. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults 18 and older participate in at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week.

Broken down that mean just 30 minutes-5 days each week.

YOU can do that!

Read below for examples of moderate intensity exercise and how to integrate into your daily routine.



Making Changes

According to several experts (Harvard University, MayoClinic and the American Heart Association) the intensity of your exercise will depend upon how hard it feels to YOU. This intensity level will then depend upon how physically fit you currently are. For instance, today, walking for one mile in 20 minutes may feel moderate to vigorous in intensity. However, after exercising at this intensity for 2 months, walking a mile in 20 minutes may feel like light activity.

In general . . . .

moderate activities include:

Walking briskly (1 mile in 15 minutes or 4 miles every hour)

Mowing the lawn

Heavy cleaning in your home

Biking between 10 and 12 miles per hour

Tennis doubles


Vigorous activities include:


Jogging (10 minute per mile or 6 miles per hour)

Shoveling snow

Biking 14 – 16 miles per hour



Tennis singles


Your goal is to include a variety of these activities in your weekly routine. But, since most of us are overwhelmed with a packed schedule every day you may be wondering how in the world you can get that done.

The best way is to add something small every day and build from there. Research has shown us that being outside in the open air and sunshine actually makes you feel more alive. AND that taking a brief, 15-minute brisk walk after meals will help to stabilize your blood sugar, whether you have diabetes, pre-diabetes or not.

Combine those two facts and you’ll find that you receive a QUADRUPLE bonus from walking briskly for 15 minutes after lunch and dinner.

1. You are getting 2 ½ hours of moderate activity each week.

2. You are outside and will feel better and have a lighter spirit.

3. You are stabilizing your blood sugar.

4. You are increasing your brain size and flexibility.

This is an easy and simple way to take action on your future health. Make your start TODAY!


Your Daily Affirmation

I have a good plan to reach my goal of running a marathon. Participating in shorter races and building up endurance is an ideal strategy.

I also build foundations in my relationships. I put in the commitment with my partner so our bond grows stronger over time.


Is It Fact or Fiction?

When the character Popeye ate his spinach what specific ingredient was giving him the strength of four men? Click here to find out!



Have a wonderful day!

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