Another Great Reason to Quit Smoking

MonMentalHealth.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE features another in a long line of really good reasons you should quit smoking. Although difficult, this particular reason may even help you maintain your abstinence from nicotine!

IN FACT OR FICTION today is all about the peanuts in your life.

In The News


Many studies have demonstrated the immediate benefits your body experiences when you quit smoking. You’ll enjoy a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, your risk of cancer of the voice box and pancreas decreases. Your risk of diabetes also decreases. Within days the small air sacs in your lungs start to work better and you can breathe more easily.

But, what researchers from Washington University School of Medicine also discovered is that when you quit smoking after a heart attack you also experience better mental health. Most of the improvements noted by the researchers, including less chest pain and better quality of daily life, began in as little as one month after stopping smoking and were very pronounced one year later.

Although quitting smoking had long been known to reduce the risk of a repeat heart attack, little was known about the mental health benefits that provide the motivation to continue kicking the habit.

Over 4,000 patients participated in the trial which included patients who had never smoked, those who quit right before their heart attack, those who quit after a heart attack and those who continued to smoke after a heart attack. Not surprising, people who had never smoked had the best outcomes, but those who quit either right before or after a heart attack also experienced remarkable health improvements.



Daily Health Tip

It’s easy to say, “Quit smoking,” but difficult to achieve. One of the researchers from the study mentioned is also currently looking at genetic factors that might make quitting more difficult for some people than others.

But, whether you find it difficult or more difficult, the benefits to stopping smoking are overwhelming. There are multiple ways to stop smoking and a variety of programs available, both through your physician and through community support groups.


Making Changes

Making the change from smoker to non-smoker is something that only you can do. No one else can make the decision for you and no one else can go through the process.

You know it’s a challenging road, but one which will reap great rewards. If it is something that YOU WANT then it will be something YOU ACHIEVE.

Look for a program in your area which offers the greatest amount of support during the initial phase. Talk with your doctor about nicotine patches, and other support mechanisms that might be available for you.

Count on failing once in a while. Everyone stumbles and falls during the process. The question isn’t whether or not you’ll pick up another cigarette and have to start over – but what you will do when you do stumble. Will you start over?



My Daily Affirmation

I show that I care for others.

Each day, I ensure someone else feels a little happier because of my presence. One of my strategies to uplift others is to let them know how much I care.

Making others feel appreciated boosts their confidence and self-esteem. As a result, they are happier and more productive.


Fact Or Fiction?

Peanuts are a staple in some people’s diets. But, did you know that one ingredient in the peanut can be used to make dynamite? Dynamite is highly explosive, consisting of nitroglycerine and an absorbent material.  Essentially the peanuts can be processed to produce glycerol which in turn is used to make the nitroglycerine. However, there are other ways of manufacturing the glycerol, so while not completely true, it isn’t completely false either.


Have a wonderful day!
Your Healthy Life America Team

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