Another Risk Factor for Breast Cancer and Metastasis to the Lungs



IN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll learn about another risk factor that researchers have discovered is linked to breast cancer and further metastasis of the cancer to the lungs. And, this is a simple change. It’s not always easy, but it is doable.

IN MAKING CHANGES today are strategies you can use to improve your chances of reducing your risks!

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover an insect that’s gross, will carry disease and yet has some interesting abilities.

In The News

Research from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has demonstrated a significant link between the amount of sugar we eat each day and the development of breast cancer and the metastasis of that cancer to the lungs.

Co-author Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., professor of Palliative, Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine, says,

"The current study investigated the impact of dietary sugar on mammary gland tumor development in multiple mouse models, along with mechanisms that may be involved. We determined that it was specifically fructose, in table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, ubiquitous within our food system, which was responsible for facilitating lung metastasis and 12-HETE production in breast tumors."



Daily Health Tip

Eating a diet high in sugar has more than one impact on your body and your health. Sugar spikes the release of insulin in your body, increases the potential for insulin resistance, raises your blood sugar, increases the pressure in your arteries, reduces blood flow to your vital organs and increases your risk of specific cancers, including breast cancer.


Making Changes

1. Eliminate your processed foods and sodas. These are all high in dead calories, no nutrition and toxins that poison your body.

2. Increase your intake of fat. This will reduce your cravings for sugar and keep you full longer. Watch your calories, because you have to eat less fat to stay full longer. Fats contain more calories than do protein or carbohydrates.

3. Get 15 minutes of exercise - walking - after lunch and dinner to reduce your high blood sugar and improve your insulin stability.

4. Eat a well balanced diet full of fats and very low in carbohydrates. Get no more than 100 grams of carbohydrates each day.

5. Balance your intestinal bacteria by taking a quality probiotic and prebiotic.



My Daily Affirmation

Mistakes at work have consequences. But I am confident that my work ethic gives me opportunities to redeem myself.

When I recognize my error at work, I take accountability. My honesty goes a far way in mending the inconvenience caused. I am committed to doing damage control to allow for minimal negative impact.


Fact Or Fiction?

They’ve been around for centuries, probably since dinosaurs roamed the earth. They usually carry disease and they multiply like rabbits. Click here if you have the stomach to find out what these insects are and some interesting abilities they have!

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