Anxiety Improved with Online Cognitive Therapy



IN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll discover that your computer can deliver more than games and information. In this research study, scientists delivered cognitive therapy over the internet and found an improvement in their patient’s anxiety levels.

IN MAKING CHANGES today are strategies you can use at home to reduce your level of anxiety while working with a therapist.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover the city that tried to outlaw snow!

In The News

Researchers demonstrated that individuals who suffered from anxiety disorder would experience a reduction in their anxiety levels and an increase in brain volume after just nine weeks of cognitive therapy delivered over the internet.

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a common mental disorder which may respond favorably to therapies delivered directly to the patient’s home over their computer. Previous studies have demonstrated that juggling and playing video games affects your brain volume.

According to lead author quoted in Science Daily, "Although we didn't look at that many patients, this work provides some important knowledge -- especially for all the sufferers. Several studies have reported that certain areas of the brain differ between patients with and without anxiety disorders. We've shown that the patients can improve in nine weeks -- and that this leads to structural differences in their brains," says Kristoffer NT Månsson.”




Daily Health Tip

Anxiety can be debilitating and frustrating. It creates problems in your social life and work performance. But there are strategies you can use to reduce your anxiety and improve your brain performance. You have to take ACTION to experience results.



Making Changes

Although you may need medication or professional cognitive therapy to reduce your anxiety and help find strategies that work, there are a few things you can do at home to help.

1. Get outside as much as you can each day. Outdoor air and sunshine is therapeutic and healthy.

2. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

3. Get 8 hours of sleep each day to regenerate your cells and clear your brain of toxins.

4. Learn meditation techniques that you find helpful by trying several.

5. Include a stretching exercise program, such as yoga or using a foam roller, which helps to reduce muscle tension.

6. Try to remove the situations in your life that cause the most anxiety. If you find yourself unable to leave home because of your anxiety, it’s time to get professional help as soon as you can.




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Fact Or Fiction?

Snow is bright white, beautiful and dangerous - all at the same time. In one of the cities in the US that receives more snow than any other, they tried something a bit unusual to fight their snow problems. They outlawed snow . . . click here to see how it turned out for them!

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