Are You At Risk for Myocardial Fibrosis?

IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research demonstrating specific populations of men are at higher risk of a heart condition that has dangerous consequences.

MAKING CHANGES: The changes here are much easier said than done, but still simple.

FACT OR FICTION: In today’s fact or fiction you’ll discover some pretty fun facts about bears - the brown, the black and the speckled.


In The News

Research from the Radiological Society of North America has found male triathletes may have a greater risk of a heart condition called myocardial fibrosis. The risk of the condition was directly associated with the amount of exercise the athletes participated in and was not found in female athletes.

Myocardial fibrosis is scarring of the pumping chambers of the heart called the ventricles and may progress to heart failure. Although regular exercise is an important strategy to reduce your potential risk for a number of health conditions, improves your cognitive performance and reduces your risk of mental health issues - elite athletes, those who engage in long hours of exercise, have a higher risk of actually damaging the heart muscle.


Daily Health Tip

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy overall, but it is also important that you don’t overdo a good thing.

Making Changes

Cardiovascular activity that engages your heart muscle at an increased rate for one or more hours each day may actually cause more damage than good. While exercise is vital to your health, it is also critical that you curtail your activities to 60 minutes.


Daily Affirmation

I understand how much exercise my body can handle during one session. I ensure my workouts are balanced and spread out.
I have faith in my body's ability to handle a difficult exercise routine.


Fact or Fiction?

In today’s fact or fiction you’ll discover some pretty fun facts about bears - the brown, the black and the speckled.

Bears come in all shapes and sizes. Like children, bear cubs are playful. If the play gets too rough, momma bear will stop the roughhousing to stop someone from getting hurt. They are very intelligent, have excellent memory and know how to use tools to play or hunt. Bears form deep bonds with their cubs and siblings. They have been known to grieve for weeks after being separated from their mother or siblings. Most bears live at ground level but can climb larger trees. However, some of the Asiatic bears build their nests in trees.

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