Are You Overeating & Depressed? There’s Help

MonDec12CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll learn about the animal tranquilizer and illegal recreational drug that appears to have significant effects on depression. The researchers did their study on rats, but believe that the research will be applicable for people who are resistant to other antidepressant medications.

IN MAKING CHANGES today are 6 specific things you can do each day to reduce your risk of getting depressed.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover if it is really illegal to eat specific foods on certain days. Is it legend or is it real?

In The News

Researchers from Yale University have been able to link chronic overeating and stress to an increased risk of depression and anxiety. The participants weren’t just stress or just overeating but had both symptoms which triggered higher levels of depression and anxiety.

Interestingly, the animal tranquilizer, turned recreational drug known as Special K, has a quick response to depression in people who are resistant to other antidepressant medications. Ketamine is the drug that appeared to reverse the disruption of the mTORC signaling pathways.

The research was performed on rats who were fed very high fat diets and who then exhibited signs of depression. The stress and diet remained stable while the researchers added the ketamine. The addition of the medication appeared to reverse the symptoms.


Daily Health Tip

Depression is a challenging mental health disorder that can disrupt families and work performance. However there are lifestyle choices you can make to reduce the possibility you’ll suffer from depression and improve your life experience.

Making Changes

1. Eat a well balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Eliminate most processed foods. You might not think that food has much to do with your emotions, but you truly are what you eat.

2. Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Not enough sleep and your brain is unable to function well.

3. Get outside and enjoy the sunlight. You may not have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but you will experience sadness if you don’t get enough sunshine. If you live in a region where the sun doesn’t shine as often as you’d like, get a sunlight light bulb for your lamp at work.

4. Situations can increase your risk of depression. Seek professional counseling to help you past the situations in life that we all suffer through.

5. Get social! People who have social events and friends are less likely to experience depression.

6. Find a support system. Friends and relatives who you trust can support you through situations in life that we all experience.


My Daily Affirmation

I make a positive difference in the lives of children.

I love being around children! I enjoy their laughter, honesty, and exuberance. Their well-being is important to me, whether it is my own child or someone else's. I feel it is my life purpose to be a guiding light for children.

Fact Or Fiction?

Is it really illegal to eat specific foods on certain days? Is it legend or is it real?


Legend has it that eating mince pie in England on Christmas day is illegal. This myth started from a law passed during Oliver Cromwell’s reign to guard against gluttony. However, once Charles II came into power these “laws” were struck and it is now a myth that has been perpetuated - probably because it’s so ludicrous!


Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team

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