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Researchers at Virginia Tech believe they have identified a biomarker in individuals who are pre-diabetic and can help prevent these people from later developing Type II diabetes. Published in Clinical Epigenetics, the study discovered that those people who are currently pre-diabetic and considered to be insulin resistant also had altered mitochondrial DNA.

The connection was made after blood samples were analyzed and they revealed that there were lower amounts of mitochondrial DNA with a higher amount of methylation. This is a process that can change the expression of genes in the cells.

The mitochondria is responsible for converting chemical energy from food into energy that the cells can use.  Alterations in mitochondria are observed in obese individuals but this was the first link between insulin resistance and DNA changes.


Daily Health Tip

At this time the blood test is not available for use in the general public. And, truth be told, that while it is good to know that there is a problem with the mitochondrial DNA, it won’t change the reality of your situation. According to the NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders) more than 2 out of every 3 adults are overweight, but knowledge of the difference in the mitochondria function will not the reality of calorie consumption and energy expenditure – at least not today.

Diabetes is a serious health condition which can significantly and negatively impact your health, wellness and quality of life when not treated appropriately. Although there is no known pill which will ‘cure’ diabetes – in other words, taken for 2 weeks you’ll suddenly be able to eat huge ice cream Sundays and drink 72 ounces of soda a day again – there are strategies which will reduce your dependence on insulin and other medications.

By reducing your dependence and stabilizing your blood sugar you will also reduce your potential risk for cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, loss of eye sight and a number of other equally distressing medical conditions.


Making Change 

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