Can Your Brain Be Influenced to Make a Better Decision?

Sept14Brain.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: Research from the University of California - Berkeley suggests you may be able to influence your brain to make better decisions. This can help you lose weight, get a job promotion, get more exercise, and a myriad of other choices you make each day.

MAKING CHANGES: Making changes in your diet, habits and routines can be a real challenge. Researchers may have found the area of the brain that could make the process easier. Until then, there are other tips you can use to make the best decisions possible.

FACT OR FICTION: Riddles are fun and sometimes a bit of a brainteaser. Here are a few you can use with your siblings or children.

In The News

Using imaging and electronic changes in the brain, scientists have been able to record and monitor the movement in the brain of monkeys as they make decisions. These findings may help to target the circuitry of the brain so doctors may later use implants to treat anxiety, depression and addictions, all neuropsychiatric disorders.

Using technology, researchers were able to watch as monkeys made decisions and began to predict the results with a higher degree of accuracy than expected. Study author Jonathan Wallis says, "Now that we can see when the brain is considering a particular choice, we could potentially use that signal to electrically stimulate the neural circuits involved in the decision and change the final choice,"



Daily Health Tip

In order to enjoy good health you have to made good decisions. Choosing to exercise instead of watching television; choosing to eat healthy fats instead of carbohydrates; choosing to sleep for 8 hours instead of staying up late all have a significant impact on your health.


Making Changes

The science of treating anxiety, depression or addictions using brain implants is years away. However, you continue to have decisions to make each day which will pull you closer to success or push you further away. How you make those decisions will predict your future.

Support, support, support.  You’ve heard that the value of your home is based on three important factors - location, location and location.

The same is true of becoming the person YOU want to be. It depends on support, support and support. However, not the support you might imagine. You don’t need someone to coddle you and make you “feel” better.

Instead, you must seek out the people you want to be most like and make them your friends. Do you want to run a marathon? Then join a group of runners and get an accountability partner.  Do you want to lose 20 pounds? Then find another friend who wants to partner with you to lose the weight through smart decisions. Do you want to stop drinking? Then find friends who have fun without drinking.

The support you need are the friends around you who are doing the things you want to achieve.


Daily Affirmation

I am integrated with the ebb and flow of the universe. I accept that life brings both positive and negative experiences. This acceptance enables me to grow.

Whether I am enjoying good times or life is less than ecstatic, I find the benefit from each experience. I make cherished memories in the good times. I learn life lessons and gain wisdom in both pleasant and troubling times.


Fact or Fiction?

Riddle are fun and sometimes brain teasers - here are a couple  - with the answers of course!

1. How far into a corn field can you go?

2. A man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water. The bartender pulls a shotgun out from under the bar and fires over the man’s shoulder. The man says thank you, leaves a tip and walks out. Why does he thank the bartender and leave a tip?

3. What two coins can you use to make 30 cents when one coin is not a nickel?



1. Halfway - after that you’re walking out.

2. The man had the hiccups.

3. The other coin is a nickel and the first a quarter.


Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team

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