Centuries of Benefits from Meditation - Now More Health Benefits Found

WedApril19CI.jpg  IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: Meditation has been used for centuries to improve your  health and improve peace. Today, research continues to demonstrate health benefits.

  MAKING CHANGES: You may not use meditation today, but it’s something you might  want to consider adding to your health and wellness arsenal.

  FACT OR FICTION: Bears nap all winter and feed all summer. They are dangerous  when they approach your campsite, and you should never come between a mother bear  and her cubs. Is there anything you should know?


In The News

Research from Texas Tech University has demonstrated a link between mediation and your work memory, attention span, creativity, immune function, self-control, cognitive and school performance, and healthy habits that reduce your stress levels.

Best described by Yi-Yuan Tang, professor in the department of psychological sciences who developed a novel method of mindful meditation called Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT), he was quoted in Science Daily, saying:

"Meditation encompasses a family of complex practices that includes mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation, yoga, tai chi and chi gong. Of these practices, mindfulness meditation -- often described as nonjudgmental attention to present-moment experiences -- has received most attention in neuroscience research over the past two decades. For example, when we observe our thoughts or emotions in the mind, we are often involved in them. With IBMT practice, you distance your thoughts or emotions and realize they are not you, then you see the reality in an insightful and different way. Mindfulness helps you be aware of these mental processes at the present, and you just observe without judgment of these activities."

SOURCE: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/07/160718112531.htm

Daily Health Tip

Meditation has been used for centuries to improve health, productivity and success rates in business. If you want to experience the same successes, you may consider trying meditation every morning.

Making Changes

Meditation is something you either do, or don’t do.  You can’t just “try” it because it won’t be long before you give up. If you are dedicated and committed to incorporating it into your life, you’ll experience the benefits research has demonstrated.

However, because meditation can be challenging and isn’t an “Easy Button” in life, you’ll need to be committed before you’re successful.


Daily Affirmation

I avoid taking anything for granted. I recognize that all I achieve is as a result of the sacrifice of another person.

Fact or Fiction?

Bears are mammals who take long naps during the winter months, often referred to as hibernating.  However, the way a bear hibernates is different than the way other animals do. In fact, scientist would not classify what a bear does as hibernating. During true hibernation the body temperature drops while the animal sleeps. They may awaken to go to the bathroom and eat a bite before resuming their deep sleep. Bears are only sleeping deeply, without a drastic drop in body temperature. And, they do not wake up for anything during this time, except a pregnant female will awaken in January or February to give birth to her cubs.  In northern regions bears can sleep up to seven months during the cold months when the food supply is low.


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