Challenges and Trackers

Here’s a glimpse of the Challenge and Goal Tracker Catalogue on eWellness Portal

Challenges help employees eat better, become more physically active, fight stress, respond better to life’s challenges and quit smoking. Goal Trackers help them track their results.

Employees reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through interactive individual and team challenges with new ones added annually.


Quit Smoking for Health and Fitness Life

Find alternative ways to deal with smoking’s emotional and physical hold on you. It is the best thing you can do for your health

Workplace Wellness Programs Feeling Great in 8

A variety of activities will empower you to recognize your skills and strengths and make positive changes to impact your life.


Learn how to eat healthy at home and on the go!

Get Fit in Fifteen

Measure your fitness level, take action and track your progress.

Take off Ten in Ten

Jumpstart your weight loss and track your progress for a lifelong healthy weight.

Mindful Eating

Track each day you have been mindful of what you are eating.


Track each day you have taken steps to incorporate laughter.


Use this tracker to monitor your weight.


Use this tracker to track your daily activity.

Flexibility Training

Use this tracker to track your weekly flexibility training.

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