Children with Migraines May Have Vitamin Deficiencies

FriJune9CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: you’ll discover research from the University of Cincinnati  Children’s Hospital demonstrates children with migraines may have vitamin deficiencies.

 MAKING CHANGES: Watching your child suffer from a migraine is heartbreaking.  However, if adding a few supplements, with the guidance of your physician, helps - you  may become your child’s hero.

 FACT OR FICTION: Not many people want to pick up or play with a snake. They have  the reputation for being slimy but their skin is actually smooth and dry. It’s the length  and width that might be shocking to you!


In The News

Researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center Hospital have found that a high percentage of children, teenagers and young adults who suffer from migraine headaches may also have vitamin deficiencies in vitamin D, coenzyme Q10 and riboflavin. Each of these vitamins are necessary for the function, growth and maintenance of each cell in your body.

While further study is needed, supplementation with CoQ10, riboflavin and exposure to the sun for vitamin D production may help your child experience less frequency and severity of migraine headaches.


Making Changes

Before adding supplementation to your child’s daily regimen, consult with your physician and pharmacist to ascertain there are no underlying medical conditions which may be affected.



Daily Affirmation

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Fact or Fiction?

Snakes are interesting creatures who keep our gardens free of pests. However, some species can get quite large, requiring a great deal more food than the common Garter Snake. The longest is the Reticulated Python which can grow up to 33 FEET long. The widest or fattest, is the Anaconda, who can grow up to 44 inches in diameter. Neither of these snakes should be met on a dark night!



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