Decisions in Your 20’s Affect You in Your 50s & Beyond

MonDec26CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today is information that supports the fact the human body is incredibly flexible and able to make changes that heal past damage when addressed early enough.

IN MAKING CHANGES today are specific recommendations to help you adjust your weight if you struggle with weight management.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover the muscle in your body that is strongest. You’ll be surprised, it’s not in your legs or back!

In The News

Researchers have discovered that when young people lose extra weight when they are young, it reduces their overall risk of cardiovascular disease as they age. Anytime you lose weight, you reduce your risk of several diseases, but when lost at an earlier age, researchers found that the risk reduction was more significant.

The researchers discovered that when individuals carried more weight at an earlier age, the risk was higher than when they acquired the weight at a later age. Lead researcher, Christopher Owen from St. George’s University in London, says,

"However, effects of early body mass appear to be reversible by subsequent weight loss. These findings have important implications for Type 2 diabetes prevention, especially in more recent adults with high levels of obesity."


Daily Health Tip

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to reducing your risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a number of other illness or diseases associated with increased weight and a higher inflammatory response. The earlier you lose the weight in your life, the better. Even losing the weight at 50 instead of 60 will improve your health and wellness.

Making Changes

The decisions you make each day have an impact on your health. Drinking soda, eating processed foods or too much sugar, sitting without exercise, not enough sleep and staying dehydrated all contribute to your weight management.

Interestingly, the bacteria growing in your intestines also has something to do with your weight management. Take a probiotic and prebiotic to grow and feed the good bacteria in your intestines.

Get support from friends, family or counselor who can keep you accountable to the nutritional plan you choose to use. People who have accountability partners lose more weight and are more successful in the changes they make to their lifestyle.


My Daily Affirmation

Each mistake I make offers a learning experience for me.

I carefully search for the opportune learning experience in each mistake I make.

I avoid being hard on myself when I make a blunder. Even though the error is disappointing, I realize that it is already done. Instead of focusing on what is gone, I pay attention to how to fix things going forward.

Fact Or Fiction?

Where do you think the strongest muscle in your body is? Legs carry you all day long, your back does some pretty hefty lifting and your arms can carry your children. But, it’s not any of those!

You might think the strongest muscle in your body is in your legs but you’d be wrong! It’s actually in your jaw. The masseter muscle is the strongest muscle based on weight. When all muscles in the jaw are working together they can close your teeth with a force up to 55 pounds on the incisors and 200 pounds on the molars.


Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team

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