Do you like stability or frequent changes?

MondayJuly16CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research that may demonstrate some of the choices you make are determined by the structure of your brain.

MAKING CHANGES: There are no changes to make today!

FACT OR FICTION:  Define . . . mammal.


In The News

Neuroscientists have identified two areas of the brain that may determine if you make structured choices or enjoy frequent changes and impulsive decisions. Changes in these areas of the brain, as they found in rat models, may explain why you and your siblings make decisions differently.

Variations in the gene responsible for the secretion of neurotransmitters that affect these areas have been associated with autism and may be used in the future to help treat addictive disorders, such as gambling.


Daily Health Tip

Don’t use brain chemistry as an excuse for not making smart decisions!


Daily Affirmation

I cherish my relationships with my cousins.
My cousins are important in my life and I value their friendship and advice. I devote time and energy to keeping my relationships with them strong.

Fact or Fiction?

Mammals are animals who bear live young, nurse them and have hair or fur.  Most mammals walk on four legs, while others have two or none. What was once thought to be unique to humans (menopause) has also been confirmed in pilot whales and killer whales. These are the only three mammals who lost fertility years before death. This allows both humans and whales to act as caretakers for their young, helping them to grow to adulthood, and take care of their grandchildren as well.

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