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today you’ll discover how important your doctor is in your efforts to lose weight, and why. Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine reviewed the data from over 300 individuals and learned how you can increase your potential for success in your weight loss efforts.

Making Changes gives you a resource to improve your success in the goals you want to achieve this year.

Your Daily Affirmation continues to walk you through becoming for fit, physically and mentally.

In Fact or Fiction you’ll discover exactly how many beaches are on Australia and how long it would take you to visit all of them. Sounds like fun!

In The News

Research from Johns Hopkins Medicine review the data from more than 300 obese people who participated in a federally funded weight loss trial that that although the overall loss rates were modest, those people who rated support from their primary doctor as helpful lost almost twice as many pounds as those who didn’t.

High quality patient-doctor relationships are marked by empathy, good communication, collaboration and trust.  In previous studies obese patients were more likely to report poor physician relationship, with evidence of reduced respect and a weight bias from the provider.

347 patients in this trial finished the study. Approximately 63% were female, 405 were Black and all were obese. Each also had one of three cardiovascular disease risk factors – either high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol levels. The patients who gave their doctors the highest rating lost an average of 11 pounds, compared to just over 5 pounds for those who gave the doctor the lowest helpfulness rating.

This trial supports the evidence that health care providers are important to the outcome of their patient’s weight loss efforts. Incorporating a patient’s doctor in commercial weight loss programs may lead to more successful weight loss.



Daily Health Tip

Although not supported by scientific method which requires that the results of one study cannot be legitimately generalized to other situations, this study only confirms the results of other studies which have identified subjects who achieve greater results and success when they are supported by significant others in their lives.

Whether you are trying to change your mind set, lose weight, start a business, improve your marriage or be a better parent, it just makes sense that you will achieve your goals faster and with less challenges when you employ the support of others who either have gone before you or who have greater knowledge. This doesn’t mean that they will do the work for you, but only that you are supported by someone who has the knowledge or ability to support your efforts authentically.


Making Changes

What are your goals? Do you want to lose some weight? Start a business? Have a better marriage? Learn to live a better life?

With the right support mechanisms in place you have a better potential for achieving those goals. Look for people in your immediate environment who can support your efforts. Maybe you know someone who has started their own company, lost 20 pounds or improved their marriage. Seek them out and ask for help. Most people want to help, but they won’t approach you – you have to approach them.



My Daily Affirmation

My fitness goals are more meaningful when I apply consistency towards achieving them. I like seeing small results gradually turn into larger ones.

When my muscles feel unable to support me through another set, I ignore the pain. I remind myself that my mind is in control. I change my mindset to that of a champion and get it done.


Fact Or Fiction?

Would you like to visit a different beach every day? And, if so, how long would you be willing to do this, without ever leaving the country?

The definition of a single beach is an area of sand that stretches more than 20 meters (65 feet) and stays dry at high tide. By this definition there are over 10,000 beaches in Australia, which means you can visit a new one every day for 27 years!


Have a wonderful day!
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