Does Menopause Help You Pass Wisdom to the Next Generation?

MonAugust7CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: is research that explores the question of why women lose  their ability to have children long before the end of their life.

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 FACT OR FICTION: Does a base tan work?


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Researchers used computer models to investigate why women go through menopause long before the end of her expected lifespan. They hypothesized that these last post-reproductive years provide an advantage to her family as it increases the possibility she will pass along her knowledge to her children and grandchildren as she is not focused on raising more children.

Menopause may be an allocation strategy so resources can be reallocated in a woman’s life. They found a simulation of populations required the existence of cognitive abilities in combination with caring for the next generation to support a growing population.


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Staying cognitively active and physically strong may help you pass along your wisdom to your growing adult children and your grandchildren. Incorporate the health changes you find in Daily Dose America every day to make significant changes in your overall health and wellness.


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I exemplify brotherly love.
Brotherly love means looking out for others as if they are family. That thought guides my interactions with each person I come across. My actions towards friends and strangers alike exemplify brotherly love.

Fact or Fiction?

Some people hit the tanning booth each spring to help protect their skin from sunburn in the early days of summer and to give them a ‘base tan.’  

The answer is NO. According to research from Yale University School of Medicine, a base tan offers you another 10 minutes in the sun without turning pink. That amounts to an SPF of approximately 3. “That, says David Leffell, the chief of dermatologic surgery and cutaneous oncology at Yale University School of Medicine, is “completely meaningless” in terms of providing protection.” Scientific American

Heather Rogers, Professor of Dermatology at Washington University School of Medicine says, You won’t change your skin type with sun exposure. It just won’t happen.”  

“Dermatologists say that such base tanners may engage in riskier behaviors like lying in the sun without sunscreen or reapplying lotion less frequently. Yet no matter how hard tanners may wish, spending time in the sun or on a tanning bed will not transform a pasty person into one with darker skin, at least long-term.” Scientific American

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