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In the Daily Dose today you’ll learn that although e-cigarettes can be slightly healthier than the real thing, they are deadly to children. If you have children in your home, whether you smoke these or not, you’ll want to know. You children have playdates a other homes – and they may be smoking these e-cigarettes.

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In The News 

The use of e-cigarettes continues to rise in the United States in response to the desire of more people to either quit smoking or to be able to smoke in public without offending others. However, there are parents who use e-cigarettes or “vape” who are not aware of the dangers they pose to children.

In a study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, researchers studied the vaporized liquid mixture of nicotine, glycerin and glycol ethers. The liquid form are flavored, which appeal to both the smoker and children. If taken internally in liquid form it can be lethal to a child and in smaller amounts can cause nausea and vomiting which require emergency care. Even if the liquid is on the skin, the drugs are absorbed and can cause the child to become sick.

Although largely avoidable risks, most parents were not aware that the risk was a possible problem for their children. In the study of 658 parents and guardians almost all knew about e-cigarettes. 1 in every 5 parents or guardians had tried them and 1 in 8 said a family member regularly smoked them.

However, in these same households, 36% of the users neither locked up the e-liquid for the e-cigarettes nor used childproof caps. These caps are mandated in Europe but not the United States. 34 percent stored the liquid in a drawer, 22 percent in their purse and 13 percent on an open counter. Three percent of the study group said their children had already tried to drink the liquid.

Of the study group only 15% told their pediatricians they were using e-cigarettes and only 6% said their doctors talked with them about safe use and storage of the cigarettes and liquid.

SOURCE:  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150825210059.htm


Daily Health Tip

In an effort to either stop or reduce smoking, reduce the number carcinogens from exposure to smoking or to reduce the offensive odor in their household, more and more e-cigarettes are sold and used in the United States. While the intention is good, some of the repercussions can be dangerous to children.

If you are using e-cigarettes in your home or have friends or family members who use them, it is important to store the e-liquid in a safe place, out of reach of small children. Use a safety cap on the bottle and lock it up if possible.


Making Changes

If children are found to have touched or drank any of the liquid, it is important that they receive emergency care immediately. Nicotine is highly toxic and in concentrated amounts in the liquid. The nicotine can pass through the skin and go directly into the blood supply when it gets on the skin, causing toxic symptoms and potentially dangerous health issues for a child.




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Fact Or Fiction?

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