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IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: is even more research demonstrating the benefits you experience when you drink enough water each day. How much is enough?

MAKING CHANGES: This is an each change you can make each day, and we’ll give you a couple of tips how to get it done.

FACT OR FICTION: Astronauts are the ultimate modern day pilot and adventurer. Here are a few more facts you might not know.


In The News

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana examined the habits of over 18,000 people and found the majority who increased their intake by just 1 percent experienced health benefits.

Increasing water intake also reduced calorie intake by the participants, improving attempts to lose weight. That total energy intake reduction measured between 68 and 200 calories. The participants also ate between 5 and 18 grams less of sugar each day.


Daily Health Tip

Drink clean, clear, healthy water each day and enjoy many of the benefits, including weight loss, shining skin, more energy, better sleep and a cleaner body system.

Making Changes

Do you know how many glasses of water you drink each day? Before you can increase your intake, you have to know your baseline number first. Spend a couple of days writing down when you normally drink water and how much.

Next, set a goal to drink between and one and two more glasses for several days. If you need to increase your water intake again do it!  You measure how much you should drink by the color of your urine. When you are fully hydrated your urine should be a light straw color and not smell bad. Any darker and you aren’t well hydrated.


Daily Affirmation

My blessings seldom go unnoticed. I take the time to give thanks for them. Each wonderful experience encourages me to share good energy with others.
My community needs my help and support. I actively look for ways to give my services to those in need. I realize that just a little care goes a far way for someone else. Seeing someone's appreciation of my gesture is fulfilling.

Fact or Fiction?

Astronauts are considered the ultimate pilots and adventurers. Facing one of the last frontiers in the world today, they often start as pilots before being trained as an astronaut. Although the term was first used to describe professional space travellers, today it is used to describe any scientist, journalist, politician or tourist who travels into space. Although the American space program was prodigious and successful, it was the Russians who were the first to successfully make it into space. Twelve men have successfully walked on the moon from the American program and 18 have lost their lives.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team


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