On this call we will go over highlights of benefits and answer questions.

Enjoy 1000's in SAVINGS and 6 Memberships designed for Fortune 500 Companies.

5 Reasons To Become A Founding Member:

To gain access to an extraordinary number of benefits I need to handle the physical and financial health and wellness of my family. Benefits that if I could find would cost $200 to $300 per month.
To receive $1000's of dollars per year in benefits and savings on products and services to help me and my family live a better life.
To join a community that provides support, coaching, and a wealth of health, financial, relational and personal growth resources designed to help balance work and personal life for me, my family and friends.
To be part of a cause that helps those battling illness, disease and to give back to my local community.
To be part of a community that inspires, guides and motivates their members to take action and achieve their goals.
A Healthy Life America Founder Will Have
A Lifetime Of Special Benefits & Perks!

Letter from our Founder (Randy Pryor):

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Hello Friends & Family!

I would like to take a moment to invite you to join me, and many other friends and family, in our Founding Membership to Healthy Life America. Over the past years I have watched, not only my wife, but many other family and friends, battle diseases and die much too young. The person who invited you to visit this site obviously cares a great deal about you. Healthy Life America is available exclusively through an invitation only.

We are striving to make a difference in the lives of people in our community by helping families have access to life changing benefits, allowing them to live well, and balance work and life. To accomplish this, my parent company, Community Benefits Group, is developing life changing products and services for large orgnanizations, such as churches, non-profits and companies, around the nation. Our programs are not available to individuals since the minimum number of members necessary to keep the programs affordable is in the 1000's.

Before opening these programs to other companies, I wanted to ensure that my friends and family, and their friends and family, could have access to benefits that are not offered by the companies they work for, and probably never will be. In fact, most companies can only bundle a few of the benefits you'll find inside our Founding Membership.

To ensure we can offer the programs and services, 1000 families must qualify as a group under our own company benefits program. This means that I'm opening the program so you can become a part of an exclusive company group benefits program I cannot offer again.

Some of the benefits are available immediately, and others activate after 60 or 90 days, just like they do within our company benefit program. You will be amazed by the benefit portfolio we've designed for our own employees, coaches and team, to give them the resources necessary to live a healthy and balanced life.

There are six memberships rolled into the Founding members area for Healthy Life America. Any one of these memberships are worth the single cost of your exclusive Founders monthly co-payment. The rest of the cost of the Founders program is off-set by us, which is why we can only offer this to 1000 families.

Healthy Life America is a fun way to revolutionize your health and wellness, while balancing your work and life, using our innovative courses and benefit programs in the Healthy Life America network. One of the additional benefits is that you will not only help your own family, but will make it possible to transform the lives of hungry children globally and ensure we can provide special programs to hospitals, clinics, churches and other organizations around the nation.

Through the Frances Pryor Advocacy & Care Fund, we are supporting special hospital and caregiver programs, MS Society, Cancer Society, March of Dimes, American Heart Association and Feed My Starving Children. You can read more about this effort at the bottom of the page.

Our Founding membership is our Crowd Funding campaign. We have only 1000 Founding memberships and only 100 VIP Founding memberships available. You'll more about the VIP membership benefits once you become a Founding member.

As we move forward there will be opportunities for people and companies you refer to take advantage of the programs we create, but nothing will come close to our Founding membership.

I can't do this without your help!

You can benefit from our programs and help expand the reach of Healthy Life America at the same time by become a Founding member for only $39.95 per month. And ONLY during this Founding Membership period will you receive all SIX memberships described below for the price of ONE.

The benefits are fully outlined below and include: educational programs, health assessments, access to nurses, doctors and counselors over the phone, shopping discounts, coupons, travel savings, tax advice and much, much more! (one-time $40 enrollment for a first payment of $79.95)

ADDITIONAL BONUS: If you join our Founding Membership during this initial campaign, you'll also become a member of our "Healthy Life Perks" shopping mall where you will save on all your purchases.


You'll also receive a FREE "Wellness Card" to save on health services.


You'll receive our Daily Dose America newsletter, to keep up-to-date on health and wellness news and research, including health tips, how make changes in your life and a fun "Fact or Fiction" section you can share with your friends.


If that wasn't enough, we will provide our Founding Members with a piece of real estate inside our community site. You can display a tribute, as I have to my late wife Frances Pryor, or a special message, with the hope of saving lives and making a difference.

It doesn't matter how you participate with Healthy Life America, you'll also get the chance to be a part of our "HealthyLifer" community, with the opportunity to join Healthy Life America Unversity and receive the designation, "HealthyLifer."

It's a Revolution!

We want you to experience success changing your life, the lives of your friends and family and people across America. Become a Founding Member today and receive all the benefits of every membership you see on this page.

Remember . . . Founding members get all SIX MEMBERSHIPS!

Alone, each of these is worth more than $39.95 per month. You can see and read more about what we've included in this exclusive benefit package just for you at $39.95 per month plus a one-time enrollment of $40.00 ($79.95 total first month).

Let's get started changing your life!


Randy Pryor- Founder

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Our Causes We Support under the Frances Pryor Advocacy and Care Fund - Read more at bottom of site...

amerciancancersocietyamericanheart-logo MarchofDimeslogo ms-society FMSC_logo_horizontal_PMS647

All Founding Members receive the Wellness Card.
Your Healthy Life America Founder's Membership
Gives You Access to These Six Memberships below . . .
You will have access to a team of health, relationship, financial, business and life coaches to help you live well and achieve success in your life.

Your “Healthy Life Transformation” is your first step to prepare for the exciting changes that lie ahead. Our team of Life coaches helps by providing you with resources and education to help you to think healthy and create a healthy life living plan.
I.nspire D.esire E.ducate A.ctivate The "I" in the formula consist of Inspiration, Identifying obstacles and Implementing a plan of action. The "D" is for Desire, Determination and Drive necessary to fuel your motivation. The "E" is a constant as we Educate, help you to Engage and Encourage you along the way. If it was not for the "A" we could not take Action which is necessary to Activate your plan and ultimately Achieve your desired goal.
Knowledge is Power! From navigating the modifications in OBAMACARE to the latest breakthrough in health care, we will keep you in the know. Our "Daily Dose America" e-mag will be your connection to up-to-date happenings. In our online communities and mobile app you will find great articles, blogs, discussions and various group talks on important health & wellness, relationship, financial, life skills, personal development and other topics.
We have interactive tools such as fitness trackers, health assessments, workshops, webinars, tele-calls, online focus groups and communities to keep you actively participating and engaged in your life plan.

Across the country you will be able to participate in wellness challenges, health fairs and events at local Churches and Organizations through partner programs.
I.nspire D.esire E.ducate A.ctivate
Reshape Your Mindset And Change Your Life...
A Healthy Life America Founder Will Have
A Lifetime Of Special Benefits & Perks!
Here's a quick summary of each of the six memberships inside your Founding Member's area:
Watch this video to see
how Susan uses these
resources in her life!
Membership #1
Healthy Life America University
A 24/7 online platform to help our members save and live well, plan for the unexpected, and balance work and life. There are courses from all areas of life. Some courses are self-paced and some are interactive with live webinars and coaching. 91 Day Total Transformation- Reshape your mind to a healthy life is the foundation of the start of all courses:
  • Prevention & Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Detox For Life
  • Diabetes & You
  • Healthy Heart America
  • Hypertension & You
  • Jump Start to Better Fitness
  • Relationship Wellness
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Stress Management
  • Becoming A Better You
  • Business Success Mindset
  • Manage Your Time and Life
Membership #2
Healthy Life Connect

Online Health & Benefits Portal- Access your Founders Member benefits and manage it all from your dashboard. From your dashboard you will be able to take various health assessments, ask questions, look up healthy living information, access a full health information library.

Online Fitness Portal- 100's of fitness videos, trackers, tips, coaching and support.

Online Meal Planning- Over 100,000 balanced meal plans, trackers, journals and more.

Employee Work/Life Support Program- Always at your service – anywhere, anytime. We operate 365/24/7 and have 12 global service centers staffed with qualified consultants. We deliver the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Health Assessments- Online health and wellness assessments to include access to bio metrics to help you live well.

Nurse Line- Toll-free phone access to Registered Nurses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

E-Doctors Online- Doctors Online provides 24/7 access to web-based answers to medical questions from an expert team of board-certified physicians, psychologists, pharmacists, dentists, dietitians, and fitness trainers. (Other services include a 3D Video Library with access to 100's of medical topics and health library.)

Health Coaching- Coaching through our online health & wellness portal via forums, chat, webinars and telephone appointments (small co-pay via phone). Using a proven transformation program we help you achieve your goals.

Health Advocacy- A proven program to help you navigate the health care system and live well. Gain access to our online health and wellness community and our coaches.

Concierge Program- 24/7 concierge services via telephone or web. Book hotels or rental cars, order event tickets, or buy gifts. Business-to-business errand running and a stay and wait option to allow contractors and service people into an employee’s home.

Life Events Counseling- After 90 day activation period you will have free ongoing access to behavioral health experts 24/7, 365 days a year. All calls are answered directly by licensed, degree clinical staff, and all services are handled with complete confidentiality. The program provides telephone counseling for marital, parent-child, substance abuse, emotional, legal/financial, childcare, and eldercare problems, as well as many other personal challenges or stresses.

FREE Well Card- Discounts for Prescriptions, Labs, MRI/X-Rays, Hearing, Vision, Diabetic Supplies, Doctors, Surgical care and more.

NEW BENEFIT JUST ADDED: Tele-Medicine 24/7 Video and Telephone visits to the DOCTOR saving on co-payments and time. Electronic Record Storage included. Amazing service. See video to the right for overview. Similar service $20 monthly now included as a benefit in our benefits program so you get it as well for no cost as Founding Member.




Membership #3
Healthy Life Perks + VIP

$100 Monthly Rewards ($25 Weekly) - Applied towards Grocery & Dining coupons you can request weekly- Each week as a reward when you log into your benefits and wellness portal you will have the option to select up to $25 in rewards to apply this savings. That's up to $1,200 per year in SAVINGS!

Mobile and Online Perks Membership - Members-only discounts through your downloadable mobile app or online portal, where you save up to 50% at over 100,000 merchants in more than 5,000 cities nationwide. Incredible savings on the things you buy everyday. Just show your mobile phone or print out coupons online for instant cash rebates on-the-spot.

Cash Perks Shopping Portal - Earn cash back on purchases of more than 300,000 products, from more than 5,000 leading merchants.

Lowest Price Guaranteed Shopping Service (normally $99 per year)- We find the best prices on over 300,000 name brand products (lowest prices guaranteed). Our service gets your merchandise directly from manufacturers and distributors, and has it shipped directly to you with full factory guarantees.

Online Member Perks Site- 1000's of additional savings from employee car buying program, cell phone monthly discounts, movie tickets, attraction tickets and more.

Online Coupons- 1000's of discount codes and offers from merchants around the nation. Find the best and most up-to-date offers for your everyday purchases.

Online Grocery Coupons- Access to 100's of dollars of grocery coupons per month you can instantly print out from your online portal. Also, access to a grocery coupon service to have your favorite coupons mailed to you each month.

Extreme Coupon Tips - Online access and weekly tips and guidance on how to maximize coupons to get your groceries at unheard of savings. Many people are even receiving money back from their grocery shopping. Join many extreme shoppers and save big.

Extreme Magazine Savings- Up to 80% off name brand magazines. Amazing prices off newsstand prices.

Automotive Discounts- Up to 50% savings on everyday automotive services.

Home Discounts- Up to 50% discount off regular home services, such as lawn care, pest control, repair and various home services.

Membership #4
Healthy Life Travel Perks

Travel Savings Portal- Guaranteed savings on worldwide travel, including access to cash back savings.

Hotel Savings- Save up to 80% at 2 million hotels around the world.

Cruise Savings- Unbeatable savings on cruises, including cash back rewards.

Rental Car Savings- Up to 30% instant savings on car rental companies.

Theme Park Savings- The best savings at theme parks and shows from around the nation.

Recreation Savings- Up to 50% off nationwide.

Dining Out Savings- Up to 50% savings on dining around the nation.

Condo Week Access- Over 2 Million condo weeks in over 200 countries worldwide at hotel prices. Gain access to condos all over the world including timeshares without having to spend $15,000 to $20,000 and $1,000's on maintenance and other fees. This normally costs $1000's plus yearly fees of $299.

VIP Tickets- Members can access to special concierge service to get the lowest prices for concerts, sporting events and other special shows.


Membership #5
Healthy Life Financial Perks

Financial Education Telephone Program

This component of the Family Protection Plan provides you and your family with personalized financial and credit counseling services 24/7, 365 days per year. We provide access to counseling and financial education through a variety of delivery methods including telephone, online tools and live chat sessions.

Tax Advice & Return Telephone Preparation

This comprehensive personal and small business tax benefits including free tax return preparation and unlimited, toll-free, tax related advice during normal business hours. Additionally, you have access to most commonly used tax related schedules free of charge or at a significantly discounted rate. Unlimited advice for personal and business matters on federal taxation, via toll-free phone call/fax/e-mail.

Credit & Debt Management Telephone Program

Credit & Debt Counseling by Certified Credit Counselors. Conselors will assist in creating a livable budget to balance income and expenses, provide advice on dealing with creditors, offer money management and budgeting technique, and create an action plan to become debt free.

Online Financial-Credit-Tax Tools and Community

Access to online articles designed to inform, assist, educate and alert members in all areas of credit, tax, investing, money management and how to get help. You will also gain access to tools for budgeting, online calculators, test, quizzes and resources to manage your finances, credit and debt. Communicate with experts in our online communities and gain access to special planning, goal setting tools and services.

Membership #6
Healthy Life Protection Plus

Healthy Life Alert - Emergency Response: 24/7 toll free emergency response line for your family. If you or your family needs emergency healthcare or assistance, our team is activated with just a phone call. In addition, if you are in distress, you can be connected to a crisis counselor, nurse or another professional to help. The service is a must have for every American. In case of an accident your family can be alerted giving you peace of mind. In a disaster, you and your family can call in to give their location so you can find each other. Emergency response can assist if you are unable to communicate using our "Contact In Case of Emergenc Sticker" or card in your wallet or purse. We have other methods designed specifically for your children.

Legal Plan- When you or a family member have a legal concern, wouldn't it be great to just pick up the phone, receive legal advice and not have to worry about the cost? Well, as a member, you can do just that! Unlimited phone consultations for each new legal matter, review of legal documents (6 page maximum), free simple will with annual update, help in small claims court, write letters and make phone calls on your behalf, capped hourly rate, and much more.

Identity Theft Protection ($19.95 per mo normally) - You can get Protection, Restoration, and ID $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance! 1 out of 5 Americans will have their identity stolen. It can cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to reclaim your good name. Other services services start at $9.99 and go up to $39.90, based on what is included.

FREE Credit Report Monitoring & Credit Center- Inside our credit center you will find key resources to help build and repair your credit. You will also gain access to a resource to monitor all 3 of your credit bureaus and credit score. Receive credit card offers and personal & business loan source recommendations.

Home & Personal Protection Plan- From security, to safety, to planning for the unexpected our online resources and support system help you identify products and services to keep you safe.

Legal - Planning - Security Resource Center - Online resources and support system to assist you in protecting your family's physical and personal assets. You will find a Will Center (incl. funeral plan), Personal and Home Security Center, Personal/Home/Auto Safety Center, Disaster & Food Storage/Survival Center and a large vault of legal forms and library, as well as webinars and audio resources, including Ask an Expert.

New Bonus: Membership # 7 - Personal Development - Self Help - Opportunity Connect
An Online Platform Connecting You with Daily Resources For Motivation and Personal Development For Success...
Library of self help courses and resources to help you move to your next level of success at work and life. Our Connect platform features forum, library, groups, webinars, chat and more, to help coach you to success in your life. You get FREE opportunity gifts monthly that you can give away to family and friends. You'll also be able to participate in our REWARDS program for special courses and resources. Simply refer others and receive 100's (and the potential for 1,000's) in rewards, to be used to help your family live well.
  • Online reource center
  • Self Help & Motivational Forums
  • Personal Developent Groups
  • Inspirational images for Posters/Cards
  • Self Help & Growth Goal System
  • Self Help Courses
  • Personal Growith Courses
  • Tools & Services to help you grow
OPTIONAL BONUS: Exclusive Access To our Business Membership Benefits for $20 monthly. (Normally $99 per month) Limited Licenses available for Founding Members
This is an optional benefit we have from another division of the company working with local businesses and entrepreneurs. If you have a home-based or small business, or the desire to start a business, then this is a must have. You will gain access to our Business Benefits portal and group of courses and services from our Business University.
Benefits to Manage Your Mindset, Business, Employees, Services & More...
This option will only be available after joining as a Founding Member. It must be requested after joining. Please understand we have only 50 memberships we can offer at this price. Founding Members will always have a special pricing discount of 25% off regular price of $99 per month. - Small Biz Team
  • Small Business Legal Advice & Program
  • Small Business Tax Advice & Service
  • Computer Tech Support (1 hour Free)
  • Computer on-site service up to 60% off
  • VIP Business University
  • Online Business Goal Setting & Planning
  • Online Business Automation (CRM, HR, Support , more..)
  • Business Development Training Center
  • Business Social Media Training Center
  • Web Hosting & Design Assistance (Member Pricing)
  • HR Support options (member pricing)
  • Business Management Resources & Tools
A Healthy Life America Founder Business Opportunity
We are looking for entrepreneurs in areas across the country who want to promote the Healthy Life America Mission. If you'd like more information about how this program can help you, your family or your organization, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
Entreprenuers, Coaches, Marketers
Healthy Life America Opportunity
This is not to market the Founders program as this is limited, but we have other benefit programs designed for churches and businesses for their employees and members. We have several programs for entrepreneurs and existing businesses and churches. Once you join as a Founding Member you can request more information. Here is a list of some of the programs:
  • Small Business Employee Benefit Advisor Positions
  • Church Benefit & Wellness Program Administrator
  • Church and School Fundraising
  • Church Community Benefit Programs
  • Reward Sharing & Fundraising for Church Development
  • Benefit Programs for Church Staff & Leadership
  • Group Benefit Coordinators & Advisors
  • Independent Wellness Coaches
  • Independent Life Coaches
  • Independent Financial Coaches
  • Independent Marketing Consultants
Meet Your Healthy Life America Lead Coaches
Across the nation many kind and wonderful people have come together to make this membership possible. Below you will find a short bio of your lead Life & Health Coaches that will help lead the way to your success.
Randy Pryor
Certified Master Life Coach/
Founder/ CEO
Randy brings over 20 years of hands on expertise in the areas sales, marketing, training, relationship building and life coaching.

As a Certified Master Life Coach, Law of Attractions Coach and his experiences hands on helping people everyday he will help you obtain guide you to achieve your goals.
Michelle Durrant
Registered Nurse/ Health Coach/ Director of Wellness
With nearly 20 years in the Nursing profession and passion for health and wellness, Nurse Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in coaching people to better health.

She brings her knowledge of health and passion for education on prevention of disease and illnesses to our team to coach you towards your goals.
Elana Cruz-Hunter
Nurse Practitioner/
Director Health Programs
As the Director of Brevard County Clinic for Women Nurse Practitioner Elana has been a trusted practitioner for over 20 years in her profession.

She brings a wealth of proven knowledge in health care with a focus on Womens and Childrens health.

Together with our well rounded team of health professionals she helps manage the continuity of our health programs.
Gail Morris
Health Coach/Chief Editor/
Retired Nurse Practitioner

Gail brings a wealth of knowledge from her career as a Nurse Practitioner. Her passion for writing and research of natural remedies and a integrative approach for health led her to retire from her health practice and pursue health research, writing and development of innovative programs like you will find utilized with the Healthy Life America benefit programs.
Healthy Life America
Wellness Card

This Wellness Card is available to you AT NO CHARGE! We just want to thank you for reviewing our program and giving us feedback. Just below is a list of the exceptional benefits you'll get with this card.

To get your FREE Wellness Card, just enter your name and email in box at the bottom of the page so we can send your second free gift. You'll be taken directly to the survey where you can leave your feedback.

When you finish the survey you'll be taken to a page where you'll get well carddirections to get your FREE Wellness Card.

No gimmicks. No Charges. No Issues.

With this card you can save more than one way. . .

Doctor Visits: Save up to 25%
Dental Visits: Save up to 50%

Vision: Save up to 50%
Laboratory: Save up to 60%
MRI and Imaging: Save up to 70%
Hearing: Save up to 70%
Prescriptions: Save up to 65%
Vitamins: Save up to 5%
Medical Bill Help: Save up to 30%
Daily Living Products: Save up to 10%
Doctors by Phone: Pay a small co-pay
Frances Pryor Advocacy & Care Fund
And Causes
We Support

I want to thank you for helping to preserve the memory of a wonderful woman who touched so many over the years and is the inspiration for everything you see on this page. The Frances Pryor Advocacy & Care Fund will impact families across our nation. This program will fund the implementation of caregiver programs in hospitals and help provide advocacy for families as they deal with the unexpected illness or injury of their loved one.

I'm happy to fullfill a vow I made during my 3-year caregiver experience while taking care of Frances. It was at times an unbearable and overwhelming experience, but through the grace of God I sustained. Together we will make a difference and help support others in their time of need. Along with this special program we will contribute support in honor of Frances to MS Society, Cancer Society, America Heart Association, March of Dimes and Feed My Starving Children. Each of these organizations have a special place in our heart, our cause and relates back to Frances. ~ Randy Pryor

amerciancancersocietyamericanheart-logo MarchofDimeslogo ms-society FMSC_logo_horizontal_PMS647

On January 27th, 2011 after fighting the good fight for over four years of an undiagnosed deyemelenating disease, Frances went home to her Lord.

Frances will always be remembered for her wonderful smile, warm heart and positive attitude and genuine love for everyone.

Frances lived her life to the fullest always encouraging others to live their very best. Every negative word uttered in her presence was immediately silenced and changed with a positive outcome. Anyone who has ever known her can attest to the fact that she lived everyday by speaking life into everyone.

aTry Healthy Life America Program for 30-Days Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Healthy Life America Founding Membership that we are offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

Get Healthy Life America Founders Program Now for $69.95 Just $39.95
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For a Limited Time Only –
All Six Memberships valued at OVER $300
All Founding Members receive the Wellness Card.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When will my membership start and how will I access the benefits?
Your membership will officially start January 2016. Within days of joining Healthy Life America you will start to receive content and access to information that will immediately help you to start your transformation process. The 91 day transformation program will start December 1st and is designed to take you into the new year with a new outlook on life. We will start the group enrollment set-up process for all the other benefits in December to be ready by the end of January 2016. Some benefits will take 90 days to be activated just like if you were part of an employee program. The transformation process alone is worth a years membership of benefits.

How can you provide so many benefits for such little cost per month?
Through group buying power from our parent company. Access to the University alone is worth more than the membership considering you will have the benefit of our Silver Level of membership which will retail for $39.95 to $49.95.

Does my membership cover all classes and programs offered through the HLA University?
It covers all the basic classes and 1 premium class per month.

Does this membership include my household and what are limitations?
It includes your immediate family members in your household.
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