Green tea is healthy and helps more than weight loss

WedSept5CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research from the Federation for American Societies for Experimental Biology that demonstrates the most abundant antioxidant in green tea is responsible for more than weight loss.

MAKING CHANGES:  It’s simple!

FACT OR FICTION: Did you hear about Pluto?

In The News

Using a mouse model, researchers tracked the absorption and use of a strong antioxidant found in green tea and found it could ameliorate high-fat, high-fructose induced insulin resistance that leads to diabetes, and reduce cognitive impairments triggered in many people by a Western diet.

According to Xuebo Liu, Ph.D., researcher at the college of Food Science and Engineering at A&F University in China, quoted in Science Daily:  “Green tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, and is grown in at least 30 countries. The ancient habit of drinking green tea may be a more acceptable alternative to medicine when it comes to combatting obesity, insulin resistance, and memory impairment."


Daily Health Tip

Green tea has had known health benefits for decades. Today, researchers may be able to identify the process.

Making Changes

It’s simple - drink a cup of green tea a day!


Daily Affirmation

My network supports me and makes me feel valued. I get emotional support from my friends during challenging situations. I appreciate their perspective on my issues and value their input.
My friends generously give advice to help me. I feel comfortable in these relationships, so I reach out and share details about my life. They take my concerns seriously while working with me to find solutions.

Fact or Fiction?

Years ago Pluto was the last planet in our solar system. In 2006 Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet. Discovered in 1930, the surface temperature is -229 Celsius. Pluto is approximately ⅓ water, which is perpetually frozen and is more than 3 times the amount of water found on the earth.

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