Happiness is Contagious


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The results of a study by researchers from the University Of Warwick Medical School studying over 2,000 students demonstrated that adolescents who had at least five mentally healthy friends were at significantly less risk for developing depression and had twice the potential for recovering from depression.

This means that depression is not contagious but happiness is. It meant that while depression would not spread, having friends who had a healthy mood would halve the probability of developing depression or double the probability of recovering over a six to twelve month period.

One of the researchers, a profession of applied mathematics at the University of Manchester theorizes that having a stronger social network is an effective means of treating and reducing the incidence of depression.

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150819083652.htm


Daily Health Tip

Depression and sadness is a challenge that we all face in life. You can’t live without, at some point, feeling sad or depressed about something in your life. But, that’s the joy about life also. Because without the sad and unhappy times we wouldn’t appreciate and acknowledge the really happy times and the joy that we can feel.

A good sense of humor won’t cure all ailments but it does accomplish more than you might think.  It can:

*Increase your intake of oxygen and stimulate your heart, lungs and muscles. This increases your endorphins that are released by your brain.

*Active and reduce the response to stress in your body.

*Relieves tension while stimulating circulation and muscle relaxation.

*Supports your immune system by releasing neuropeptides to help fight stress.

*Relieves pain by boosting the production of your natural painkillers.

*Increases your personal satisfaction to make it easier to deal with difficult and complicated situation.

*Improves your mood and lessens depression and anxiety.


Making Changes

You can experience these changes in your own life by making just a few changes.

Take a look around your life. How many friends do you have that are happy or content with their lives? Each of us has challenges and problems, so don’t start believing that your friends aren’t happy because you know some of the truths they don’t show to the rest of the world.  But on a very basic level, are they happy? And if they are, how many of them are there?

Can you name at least four or five people in your life who are generally happy? It’s important that if you can’t, that you reach out to other people and create that circle of friends who will support you even when they don’t know they are.

Your happiness is your responsibility. And, fortunately, while there are reasons over which we do not have control, there are things we can do over which we DO have control. Because our emotional health is so incredibly tied to our physical health it’s important to pay attention and prioritize that part of our health that most of us just take for granted.


Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team

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