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TuesJuly25CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research that looked at what makes a hypnotic state  possible since some people are much more susceptible to hypnosis than others.

 MAKING CHANGES: There are no changes to make today, again! You may choose to  use hypnosis in your treatment options for several conditions.

 FACT OR FICTION:  Can an ant live up to 30 years? You’ll discover if this is true and  some truly amazing facts about this little insect.


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The researchers have been working on deciphering how your brain makes the hypnotic state possible for decades. They first used visual stimuli and divided people who were more suggestible from those were not suggestible to hypnosis.

While participants were under hypnosis they looked at a variety of different symbols and given the task of counting one particular type of symbol. When asked to imagine they had a wooden board in front of their eyes, the number of errors increased dramatically, demonstrating the individuals believed they couldn’t see the symbols. However, the number of errors were greatest in the participants who were easiest to hypnotise.

Hypnosis is a treatment option to help people stop smoking, gambling, or improve self-confidence and even athletic performance.

SOURCE: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/07/170707095356.htm

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If you are seeking to improve something or stop a behavior, consider hypnosis as it has strong scientific evidence to support the results.


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I embrace how different my cousins are from me. I appreciate their unique personalities and life stories. Our differences shape us and make our relationships even more rewarding.
Thanks to my cousins, I enjoy a large support network. I appreciate their help and advice.
My family uses communication effectively to stay connected. I can freely

Fact or Fiction?

Can an ant live up to 30 years? You’ll discover if this is true and some truly amazing facts about this little insect.

Did you know . . .

  • Ants are everywhere on earth except the Arctic, Antarctic and a few small islands.
  • For every one person, there are about 1 million ants.
  • Ants function as a hive. So while small, they can move together as one organism when needed.
  • Ants cooperate with other species, which is highly intelligent and unusual in the insect world.
  • Some colonies of ants practice slavery. They raid other colonies, capture the young and either eat them or make them work for the colony. Some colonies of ants cannot survive without these slaves.
  • Ants are the longest living of all insects, some up to 30 years.
  • Some ants can swim.
  • Although most ants have poor eyesight, there are some species that don’t have eyes at all.
  • Ants are a female driven society - all workers, soldiers and queens are females.


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