How Could Migraines Change Your Brain?

WedJune7CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: you’ll discover that migraine headaches may do more than  cause intense pain and visual auras.

 MAKING CHANGES: We’ll give you several strategies you may use to reduce the  number of migraine headaches you experience each month without using dangerous  drugs.

 FACT OR FICTION: Cleaning and grooming is part of their everyday routine. But, did  you know it can take up to 50% of their day and it’s not all about looking good?


In The News

Research from the American Academy of Neurology, suggests that having a migraine headache could have long-lasting effects on your brain structure and volume. Traditionally thought to be a benign disorder, scientists have now found those who suffer from migraines have a higher incidence of brain lesions, altered brain volume and white matter abnormalities.

Experiencing migraines with aura increased the changes to your brain more significantly than those without aura. The risk of an infarct-type abnormality increased by 44 percent if you also experience an aura.



Daily Health Tip

Taking care of your brain is important to enjoying your overall health. Interestingly, science has also found that those who experience migraines may also be deficient in nutrients that, when improved, reduce the number, frequency and severity of the headaches.

Making Changes

Migraine headaches are associated with low levels of magnesium, which affects most Americans.  Poor sleep quality and increased stress levels are also associated with migraine headaches.

Drug free options of treating pain include exercise, improved sleep quality, massage, emotional freedom techniques and herbs, such as chamomile and coriander. Steer clear of the foods that are known to trigger a migraine, such as alcohol, MSG, aged cheese, cured meats, aspartame and citrus fruits.

Consider adding ubiquinol (reduced form of CoQ10 that works best) and magnesium supplements to your daily routine to improve your health and reduce your potential for another migraine.


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Fact or Fiction?

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