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TuesMay10CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today is research in the area of multiple sclerosis which confirms what business coaches, athletes and some physicians have been using for years to improve the performance and success of their clients.

IN FACT OR FICTION today are some fun and interesting facts about a group of living creature which inhabit the Earth but have bypassed on whole continent.

In The News

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating and challenging disease which affects thousands of people each years. There are several types of the disease, relapsing-remitting being the most common form.  Individuals with this condition will suffer from problems with their autobiographical memory and episodic future thinking skills, both of which impact their quality of life.

In a new study, researchers have discovered that people who engage in mental imagery can improve both of those neuropsychological functions and improve their quality of life.  The major finding of this study is that specific memory and future thinking skills can be improved using a program that involved mental imagery.

SOURCE: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150825125815.htm

Daily Health Tip

Improvement in both mental and physical functioning have been linked to mental imagery for years. Athletes use imagery prior to a race or contest in order to improve their success and performance. Healthcare practitioners recommend patients use imagery to help improve the outcome of treatment for disease as varied as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Business coaches use imagery to help clients improve their function and performance in meetings and anticipate how to react under stress.

No matter the venue, using mental imagery hold some promise to improve your performance and success.

Making Changes

Getting started using mental imagery techniques will be determined by the outcome you desire. What you do will be different if you’re preparing for a marathon, a business meeting or cancer treatment. But, some of the underlying principles are the same.

1. Practice makes perfect. In other words, the more you practice “seeing” the outcome you want in your mind’s eye, the better you become at it.

2. Imagery involves sitting or resting in a comfortable position and quiet room. You’ll start by imagining and seeing what you want to happen and move backwards to seeing how you’ll make it happen.

3. As you get more practice, you’ll be able to bring up the images you want even in a crowded room.


My Daily Affirmation

When someone experiences a painful situation, I am the first to offer a helping hand. I put myself in their shoes so I can better understand their challenges.

Fact Or Fiction?

With over 1 million different types that roam the Earth, 40% are the most biodiverse. Scientist think it might be so the species can survive disasters.  And, although they are everywhere, there is one continent where there is only one that lives!  

There are over one million different species of insects that roam Earth. The beetle is the most biodiverse with over 350,000 different species, totalling approximately 40% of the insect species. And, although insects populate most continents on Earth there is one continent where only ONE species has managed to eek out an existence. The wingless midge is a tiny fly which lives in Antarctica. It can withstand freezing temperatures and is colored to absorb as much light for heat as possible.


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