Increasing Temperatures Exacerbated by Humidity

TuesJan22CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today are predictions from a global study that projects the effects of humidity and heat in the coming decades may exceed the limits of human endurance.

MAKING CHANGES:  You can make a difference in your local and global environment.

FACT OR FICTION: You might think that 2 feet of snow in 24 hours is a lot of snow - but another city in the US experienced a whole lot more than that in 1921.  Can you guess how much?


In The News

Climate scientists have predicted killer heat waves with increasing prevalence in the coming years. However, they have not accounted for the added stress of humidity on the health of humans and animals. A new global study predicts the combination of heat waves and humidity may test or surpass the limits of human endurance. This means these heat waves will kill more than they have in the past - and will last longer than they have in the past.


Daily Health Tip

You can make a difference in the environment by making different choices.

Making Changes

There are simple changes you can make that make a difference:

  1. Use your bike, public transportation and car pooling as much as possible.
  2. Reduce or eliminate foods that are packaged in plastic - they are dangerous for your health and for the environment. There are several plastic gyros in the ocean - one of which is larger than the state of Texas. These areas have no life.
  3. Manage your food at home by eating leftovers, buying food well before the expiration dates and developing a compost pile is your living arrangement allows.
  4. Use glass containers as they are cheaper in the long run and don’t leak damaging chemicals into your food. Plastics are as damaging to the environment as agricultural toxins that has the greatest impact on the environment.
  5. Purchase as much of your food locally as possible as this reduces the amount transportation necessary to bring the food to your table and increases the likelihood you can get organically grown foods more easily and more cheaply.

More suggestions can be found here:



Daily Affirmation

My friendships are based on healthy and supportive communication. The bond I share with my friends helps me to think optimistically.
Discussions with my friends cover thoughts and plans for a fulfilling future. Their positive influence sparks ideas. It helps me to make the most of my opportunities.

Fact or Fiction?

You might think that 2 feet of snow in 24 hours is a lot of snow - but another city in the US experienced a whole lot more than that in 1921.  Can you guess how much?

The east coast was just hit with a storm that dumped over 2 feet of snow on New York and Washington DC. But that doesn’t even come close to the most amount of snow that fell in a 24 hour period. In 1921 over six FEET of snow fell on April between the 14th at 2:30 and the 15th at 2:30pm in Silver Lake Colorado.  Shovel anyone?

Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team


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