Intestinal Microbiota & Your Health

Aug17_WednesdayBacteria.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today is research that has demonstrated the link between your height, your health and your intestines. Read more about this link to reduce the chances you’ll suffer from medical problems.

IN MAKING CHANGES today you’ll discover strategies that can improve your intestinal microbe variety and growth and those you should NOT do to protect your overall health.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover that butterflies come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, they come in all colors too. Top flight speed, width of the bands on the caterpillars, and even more.

In The News

Researchers and doctors have known about the link between your gut and your immune system for several years. The over 100 trillion bacteria that live in your intestines are essential to your overall health. The bacteria in your gut will contribute to the height you achieve, your allergies, your disease potential and your immune system.

Insulin-like Growth Factor -1 is also controlled by the bacteria living in your gut. Chronic undernutrition in juvenile mice resulted in the onset of growth retardation and resistance to the action of growth hormone. Under different nutritional conditions normal microbe development in the gut the mice grew normally.


Daily Health Tip

Your daily health and wellness, the height of your children and your potential risk for diseases such as Type-2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and stroke is linked to the growth of the bacteria living in your gut. In fact, even the development of autism in children has been linked to those children who don’t have specific strains of bacteria in their gut, which may have protected them against environmental toxins they would be exposed to in immunizations.

Making Changes

It’s not too late. No matter what your diet has been like in the past, you change what you eat and your health.

1. Include fermented foods in your daily diet. These foods will help to repopulate your intestines with beneficial bacteria.

2. Yogurt has beneficial bacteria but is also loaded with sugar. You would have to eat only yogurt all day to get enough bacteria.

3. Consider using a probiotic. This is a capsule loaded with beneficial bacteria intended to repopulate your gut.

4. Consider using a prebiotic. These are foods that are high in fiber, or a psyllium husk supplement, that feeds the good bacteria you already have growing in your gut so the ‘bad’ bacteria doesn’t overtake the beneficial bacteria.


My Daily Affirmation

I let go of using food as my coping mechanism. I experiment with other techniques for calming myself and dealing with stress. I meditate and exercise regularly.

I find effective ways to satisfy my emotional needs. I reach out to others for guidance and help with managing my emotions.

Fact Or Fiction?

Butterflies are beautiful, contribute to our environment and migrate unbelievable distances.


Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest measures ⅛ of an inch to the largest which measures 12 inches across. Some of the more common caterpillars are the Wollybear. Some people believe that when the black stripe on that caterpillar is wide the winter is destined to be very cold. The top flight of a butterfly is 12 miles per hour while some moths can fly an amazing 25 miles per hour. Some moths don’t eat after emerging from their cocoon because they don’t have mouths and must live off the energy they stored as a caterpillar.


Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team

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