Is Yogurt Effective Against Bone Disease?

TuesNov6CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE:today is recent research from Ireland that looks at how much impact yogurt may have on your bone health.

MAKING CHANGES: Do you need to eat yogurt to get the benefits? It might be that yogurt isn’t your best bet!

FACT OR FICTION: Cleaning and grooming is part of their everyday routine. But, did you know it can take up to 50% of their day and it’s not all about looking good?


In The News

In a large observational study from Trinity College in Dublin Ireland, researchers found that intake of dairy products in older adults resulted in reduced fragility and higher hip bone density. The individuals studied also had a significantly reduced risk of osteoporosis in older men and women after adjusting for traditional risk factors.

The lead author of the study from the Centre for Medical Gerontology, Dr. Eamon Laird, commented in Science Daily, saying:

"Yogurt is a rich source of different bone promoting nutrients and thus our findings in some ways are not surprising. The data suggest that improving yogurt intakes could be a strategy for maintaining bone health but it needs verification through future research as it is observational."


Daily Health Tip

Eating dairy products increases your intake of calcium, but may also increase your intake of carbohydrates and sugar, that may also increase your risk of diabetes and obesity.

Making Changes

The type of yogurt you eat should depend upon the carbohydrate and sugar content. Your best bet are those with lower amounts of sugar - and not using sugar substitutes. Unsweetened Greek yogurt is your better bet to get get your calcium from dairy.

Strong bone density is dependent upon your calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin K levels, as well as weight bearing exercise.


Daily Affirmation

My immune system is part of my body's natural defense system. It helps my cells function at their highest level. So I keep my immune system strong with a healthy diet and regular exercise plan.
I avoid junk food and activities that can undermine my efforts.

Fact or Fiction?

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