Links Found Between Anxiety and Food Allergy - Which Came First?

FridayAugust18CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: is research from Columbia University that may have found a  link between children who suffer from anxiety and those who experience food  allergies.

 MAKING CHANGES:  No changes today!

 FACT OR FICTION: Hamster Eyes are Different


In The News

Recent research from Columbia University discovered a link between children who suffer from food allergies and those who suffer from childhood anxiety and depression.  However, food allergies were not associated with symptoms of depression or anxiety in childhood and food allergies in their caregivers.


Daily Health Tip

Both allergies and anxiety are difficult and challenging conditions that may somehow be linked in your children.


Daily Affirmation

My faith defines me and gives me purpose. I call upon my faith for routine chores and small gestures, as well as great demands.
Today, I demonstrate my faith. My actions reflect my beliefs.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Who are three positive role models who can teach me how to live my faith?
2. What is the difference between living by faith and living in fear?
3. How can I live my faith in my workplace?

Fact or Fiction?

Hamsters are cute and often friendly. They are in most people’s homes at one time or another because they are easy pets for children to care for. But they have an interesting physical trait which you’ll find fun to share with friends.

Most mammals blink their eyes to help coat the eye ball with fluid, keep it moist and to protect the eyes. And, that blinking is usually done together. In other words, both eyes blink at the same time. Except in the case of the hamster. These little critters can blink one eye at a time, thus keeping their eye on their environment and on the lookout for predators.


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