Long-Term Effects of Electronic Cigs

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In the Daily Dose today you’ll discover there is one risk to electronic cigarettes which you may not have considered. In fact, many parents don’t consider this risk to their children at all. In ‘Fact Or Fiction’ we explore whether there really are people who are accident prone or if it’s just an old-wives tale. 

In The News

In the American College of Chest Physicians, researchers published their data from a study which examined adults after using electronic cigarettes. Although the popularity of these cigarettes has been increasing in volume worldwide, there is not much data about the long-term effects on the health of users.

In the study the researchers used people who had no history of asthma or other respiratory disease to determine how these cigarettes would affect the cough reflex of the individual.  Based on the comparison of the cough reflex before using electronic cigarettes for the first time and afterward, researchers found that there was a significant decrease in the sensitivity to environmental stimuli to develop a cough.

The authors theorized that the nicotine was the substance probably responsible for the effect on the cough reflex since the experimental cigarettes had only nicotine and water.

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150820134709.htm


Daily Health Tip

While the electronic cigarettes are more convenient and don’t cause issues for the individuals in the general vicinity to the smoker, the nicotine absorbed from the cigarettes make this option only just a little bit better than actually lighting up a cigarette.

The tip today is to either stop smoking or remove yourself from the presence of those who are smoking around you. Doctors know that smoking increases your risk of heart disease, lung cancer, stroke and other health issues. However, it isn’t just the smoker who is affected, but also those around them inhaling second hand smoke.


Making Changes

Quitting smoking is a challenge. It isn’t easy, but it is possible and the benefits are significant. There are multiple programs available to help you on your journey that take advantage of behavior modification, medication and support groups. The trick is to find the program that works for you, your lifestyle, your individual preferences and your life.

Don’t be discouraged when you fall short and pick up another cigarette. The rate of failure to stop smoking only applies to you when you refuse to get up and try again. Most people have to try several times before completely eliminating the habit from their lives. But, one, two or three cigarettes while trying to stop should not stop you from trying again!



My Daily Affirmation

My partner is the ideal person for me

My partner is my best friend. We are a good match. My partner brings me happiness, joy, and a vibrant and fulfilling life. They are everything I desire in a mate.


Fact Or Fiction?

Do you think you’re more accident prone that your friends and family? Do you have more accidents more frequently than they do?

Hurrying, worrying, multi-tasking and stress are the four horsemen of being accident prone. In fact, stress was recently linked to post 9/11 traffic fatalities by the University of Minnesota. After reviewing 79 different studies of almost 150,000 people from 15 different countries researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands found that there really are people who are prone to more accidents than others. One out of every 29 people will have a 50 percent greater chance of having an accident than the rest of us.

Have a wonderful day!

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