Make a Change and Decrease Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

FriApril12CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research evaluating individuals across the globe for risk factors that may increase the potential you will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

MAKING CHANGES: Dietary and lifestyle changes are essential if you want to reduce your risk potential for all health related conditions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that 80 percent of all cancers are caused by environmental factors, including the foods you eat, toxins and chemicals to which you are exposed and lifestyle choices.

FACT OR FICTION: Akitas are beautiful dogs bred in Japan to perform a purpose. While they are pretty to look at, they aren’t the best choice for some families.



FACT OR FICTION: Akitas are beautiful dogs bred in Japan to perform a purpose. While they are pretty to look at, they aren’t the best choice for some families.

In The News

The number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is rising. Researchers now have found an association between the foods you eat and your potential to develop this debilitating and devastating form of dementia.

Meat, sweets and high-fat dairy products appear to be on the forefront of the dietary habits placing you at an increased risk of developing the disease. Although protein is an essential component of your diet, most Americans eat too much meat each day and not enough fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.

Your brain prefers ketones, the metabolic product of fat breakdown. However, the fats you eat are an important factor. Trans-fatty acids found in baked goods only increase your risk of disease and illness. Medium chain fatty acids, such as coconut oils and saturated fats found in avocados and olive oils are the fats your brain craves.

You might want to eat the ice cream, cakes and cookies, but it’s time to put those away in favor of a diet high in fiber from vegetables, low in whole grains, carbohydrates and sweets and high in healthy fats to protect your brain, your heart and your life.


Daily Health Tip

You are what you eat. The foods you eat each day provide your cells with the energy they need to survive. When you feed your cells Cheetos you must expect an end result of “garbage in, garbage out.”

Making Changes

Changing your dietary habits is difficult and a challenge that you don’t have to make overnight. In fact if you choose one food to eliminate and replace it with another for six weeks before making another change, you’re more likely to maintain the changes over time.

For instance, if you drink soda, you may want to replace the soda with flavored water you make at home with fresh lemon or lime. After six weeks you can replace your bowl of ice cream at night after dinner with ½ a bowl and after another six weeks with a bowl of blueberries to support your brain health.

Slowly, one step at time, you can make changes that will radically improve your health and reduce your risks within the next year. The time is going to pass anyway - why not make changes to live a longer and healthier life while you’re at it?


Daily Affirmation

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What strategies can I employ to make an unpopular message seem bearable?
2. How does open discussion help in getting everyone on the same page?
3. In which situations am I able to spin unfavorable news into something positive?

Fact or Fiction?

Akitas are large dogs who look a little like Alaskan sled dogs, but aren’t. They were bred in the mountainous region of Japan to guard nobility and track and hunt wild boar. They are fearless, double-coated dogs who are territorial and will defend you and their home to their death. However, without the right training, you may end up with a dog who is unable to control their temperament and bite. They tolerate cold weather well but not the heat. They are affectionate with their families but not with strangers. These are strong dogs who do not do well with novice dog owners. They likely earned their reputation as fierce animals after poor training.

Have a wonderful day!

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