Medications and Your Blood Pressure

TuesJan19BPCI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll discover that researchers found a way of using current medications to get better results in the treatment of high blood pressure. This improvement reduces side effects and increases the number of patients who are satisfied with their treatment.

IN MAKING CHANGES today are specific strategies you can use each day to reduce your blood pressure without taking medications.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover how NASA trains their astronauts for anti-gravity. Does this include an anti-gravity chamber?


In The News

In recent research from the U.K., scientists have discovered that using a personalized approach to treating blood pressure with current medications yielded better results and less side effects for the patients. The researchers used 55 patients who had been experiencing side effects from the medications and some had even contemplated suicide.

According to the lead researcher, Dr. Melvin Lobo,  

"This is an entirely new concept in tackling high blood pressure. There has in the past been an emphasis -- and even a blame culture -- on proving that uncontrolled blood pressure is down to patients either forgetting or not wanting to take their tablets. Many of our patients have reported negative experiences with their doctors after complaining about drug side effects. Often the feeling is that reducing the health risks of patients with high blood pressure, such as stroke or heart attack, justifies the very serious drug intolerance that they can experience. We, however, took a different view. We understand that some patients feel forced to cease their treatment due to how wretched it makes them feel. And so we set about trying to help them get around side effects, as opposed to forcing them to take drugs they felt were poisoning them. Some patients have even contemplated suicide rather than continue with medications that cause severe adverse effects -- that is how serious this issue is."



Daily Health Tip 

High blood pressure is responsible for damage to the heart muscle, kidneys, liver and brain. It reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the heart and other organs and strains the heart muscle until it grows larger and triggers congestive heart failure.

Although many doctors will blame the patient for not taking their medications, those same medications cause significantly difficult side effects with which they have to live. Many stop their medications after 12 months because of the side effects.


Making Changes

Better pharmaceutical treatment for your blood pressure is a great break in treatment protocols. But there are also things you can do every day that will improve your heart function and reduce the strain on your heart.

1. Get 8 hours of sleep each night. Your heart and brain need the sleep/rest to recuperate and get ready for the following day.

2.  Take a multivitamin. Your body needs the extra supplementation to support your health.

3. Get 30 minutes of exercise each day after speaking with your doctor. If you are healthy enough for exercise, it’s important that you include it in your daily regimen.

4. Participate in stress reduction activities. Stress increases your cortisol levels, which increases the stress on your heart and raises your blood pressure.

5. Lose any extra weight you might be carrying. Although difficult, it will reduce the work on your heart.

6. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and stop smoking. Each of these factors will increase your pressure and work of your heart.

7. Cut back on the amount of caffeine you drink and eat.



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