Motivation, Motor Cortex and Recovery

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In your Daily Dose today you’ll discover why motivation has a significant impact on the ability of the brain to recover after stroke. Rehabilitation is a challenging process and journey taken by both the individual and the family. This research indicates that rehabilitation involving motor movement may all be significantly impacted by the motivation of the patient.

In Fact Or Fiction we’ll answer a question about blue eyes and the people in your family who may have them. And, you’ll also find your daily affirmation to help raise your outlook and improve your daily results.


In The News

Your brain has a specific area that controls your motivation, and activates the activity of the motor cortex as well. This means that the same area of the brain that controls motivation, also controls the area of the brain that controls motor movement or muscle movement in your arms and legs.

For many years there has been clinical and case study evidence that those who are most motivated have the best recovery from spinal cord injury or stroke.  Individuals who suffered from depression also experienced a delay in functional recovery. But, until now, there hasn’t been any neuroscientific evidence about how motivation of some patients improved motor recovery and rehabilitation.

In research published in Science October 2015, researchers found that this relationship was important in the rehabilitation of laboratory animals after suffering spinal cord injuries. The researchers stated, “Our result suggests that in the early stage after brain injury including spinal cord injury, it is important to motivate the patients for promoting functional recovery in rehabilitation. Psychological support for these patients may be important.”



Daily Health Tip

Over the past years motivational speakers and practitioners have extolled the virtues of self-motivation, staying positive and keeping a strong positive outlook on life in order to achieve success. While they have demonstrated the positive effects of this in case studies, scientists now can demonstrate the same results scientifically.

This means that maintaining a positive and realistic outlook on your life does more than just make you feel better. It actually will increase your level of success at what you try and will improve your satisfaction with your life.


Making Changes

Making the change toward being positive is not always an easy on. In fact, there is an entire market of speakers, books, programs and course work designed to help you do just that.

The goal is to make one small change at a time that you maintain over time. With each change in the way that you think and your experience with your daily life you can improve your outcomes and therefore your success.

Start by thinking positive thoughts about yourself and then saying them out loud. Stop saying negative things about yourself, even when you believe you are just kidding around. The power behind hearing what you are saying to your own brain is phenomenal.

If you’d like more information about how to make this difference in your life and a step-by-step approach, enroll in Transform Your Life through Healthy Life University. You will be amazed at the differences you experience by renewing your mind and changing your thoughts.



My Daily Affirmation

My partner is the ideal person for me

Today, I recognize the wonderful role my partner plays in my life. My partner is good for me because we complete each other. We find joy in each other's accomplishments. We share difficulties to lighten the burden.


Fact Or Fiction?

Blue eyes. Some people in the family and some don’t. Brown eyes are much more common. Where did these blue eyes come from?  


The gene that produces blue eyes is a recessive gene. This means that both the mother and father have to carry the gene and the child must have two blue eyed genes in order for the child to have blue eyes. If the child doesn’t have 2 genes for blue eyes then they’ll have another color - probably brown. This means that the blue eyed gene must be carried down through the generations in order to be passed along. Scientists think that the mutation which generated blue eyes occurred 6,000 years ago.



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