Need Some Help With Your Lower Back Pain?

MonSept10CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research that demonstrates using this strategy may help to reduce non-specific lower back pain and improve your overall health.

MAKING CHANGES: You can find exercise classes and videos to help you learn this easy and fluid means of reducing back pain.

FACT OR FICTION: Have you ever had the idea that maybe your first child has more smarts than the rest of the crew at home?


In The News

Yoga is a form of exercise that creates a mind body connection and utilizes many of the muscles in your body. Many of the movements are designed to develop a strong core - including upper legs, glutes, upper and lower back and your abdominal muscles.

Now researchers have linked the practice of yoga with improved functional ability in people who suffer with chronic lower back pain when compared to taking only medication or doing nothing. The lead Cochrane author, Susan Wieland from Cochrane Complementary Medicine at the Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Maryland, commented, in Science Daily, saying:

 "Our findings suggest that yoga exercise may lead to reducing the symptoms of lower back pain by a small amount, but the results have come from studies with a short follow up. At the moment we only have low to moderate quality evidence for the effects of yoga before six months as a type of exercise for helping people with chronic lower back pain. The yoga exercises practised in the studies were developed for low back pain and people should also remember that in each of the studies we reviewed, the yoga classes were led by experienced practitioners. The findings of this Cochrane Review will help people make more informed choices about their future treatment options."


Daily Health Tip

Yoga is an easy exercise program to learn at home as it is non-competitive and can be altered slightly to accommodate any underlying medical conditions you might have. As you continue to practice Yoga your strength, flexibility and balance improve, which has benefits to your long-term health.

Making Changes

Learning yoga can be done at home using DVD’s or even YouTube videos to learn the easy, entry level movements. There are several different types of yoga which often requires a teacher to the intricate movements. However, most YMCA’s or gyms have yoga classes as they have become very popular.



Daily Affirmation

Expressing my honest feelings results in a clear conscience.
My conscience is clear when I choose to be honest with others. Sharing my sincere feelings gives me the chance to lift emotional weights off my shoulders.

Fact or Fiction?

Have you ever had the idea that maybe your first child has more smarts than the rest of the crew at home?

True! According to a research study published in the journal Science, first born children usually have higher IQ scores, although no one really understands why.  However, IQ is not a predictor of success. So if you’re the middle child or the baby, don’t get discouraged. Your success is more dependent upon your perseverance, consistency and focus - none of which is predicted through birth order.

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