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IN YOUR DAILY DOSE today is research using chemotherapy to treat lung cancer and how scientists were able to reduce the amount prescribed by 50% and get better results.

IN MAKING CHANGES today are strategies you can use, whether you suffer from lung cancer or not, to improve your health and support your immune system.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover how man’s best friend handles the heat. It’s more than just panting.

In The News

Lung cancer is often an aggressive type of cancer that has a high mortality rate.  One of the difficulties in treating lung cancer is that the chemotherapy usually most effective can be attacked and destroyed by your immune system before being delivered to the cancer cells.

However, recently scientists have discovered a way of “packing” the chemotherapy inside your own cells so your body doesn’t destroy the chemo before it can attack the cancer.  

Elena Batrakova, associate professor at the University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy, says,  "That means we can use 50 times less of the drug and still get the same results. That matters because we may eventually be able to treat patients with smaller and more accurate doses of powerful chemotherapy drugs resulting in more effective treatment with fewer and milder side effects."




Daily Health Tip

Exposure to inhaled toxins is one of the risk factors for developing lung cancer. You can be exposed through cigarette smoking, environmental toxins or industrial exposure. It’s important to know what you are exposed to at work and how to reduce your exposure at home.


Making Changes

Whether you suffer from lung cancer and need support through your treatments or want to live a healthier lifestyle, these changes will help you.

1. Open your windows in the house as often as possible. Because our homes have become more energy efficient, they also don’t allow for air exchange, increasing the build up of toxic air.

2. Use natural products to clean your home, such as baking soda and vinegar. Most products sold in the store are considered hazardous waste and can’t be dumped down the sink or put out for the garbage man.

3. Eat a diet full of nutritious whole foods. Stay away from processed foods, whole grains and sugar. These food either contain sugar or are metabolized into sugar (carbohydrates) in your body, which damages your immune system.

4. Stop smoking and reduce or eliminate your use of alcohol. These substances will damage your immune system, your lungs and increase your blood pressure.

5. Get between 7.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep each night to support your immune system.



My Daily Affirmation

My body is uniquely designed by the universe. I accept the body I see in the mirror.

I feel great about my existing weight. My metabolism works correctly, I eat nutritiously, and I exercise to stay at my current weight.


Fact Or Fiction?

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