New Imaging Results Demonstrate What You Already Have Experienced

ThurJune28CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is the recommendation to stay on task and focus - one thing at a time.

MAKING CHANGES: Although you may find it counter-intuitive to what you THINK works better, making these small changes may increase your productivity by 40 percent.

FACT OR FICTION: What does the debris on Saturn look like?


In The News

Research from Aalto University confirms what previous studies have demonstrated - multi-tasking is NOT productive.

In fact, performing several tasks at the same time may reduce your productivity by as much as 40 percent. You may “feel” like you’re addressing multiple problems, but you’re likely not successfully completing more than one.

This new study used brain imaging techniques and found participants who changed tasks frequently demonstrated an interference in brain activity, which may explain why the end result of multi-tasking is usually worse than focusing on one task at a time.


Daily Health Tip

Choose the task you want to perform and focus on it for at least 30 minutes. You may finish faster than you anticipated when it’s the only thing you’re doing.

Making Changes

It may be difficult in the beginning to focus on one task - but you’ll likely experience greater productivity, which will fuel your motivation to continue.

  1. Set a clock for 10 minutes at first if you’re used to doing multiple things at once. Work for 10 minutes, then get up and stretch and do it again.
  2. Gradually increase the time to 20 minutes. Be sure to take a break after 20 minutes to keep your mind and body fresh. You’ll be more productive when you get up from your chair every 20 minutes to stretch and walk for a minute or two.



Daily Affirmation

I am sensitive to my loved ones' emotional states. I am full of love and compassion, so my friends know they can turn to me. I refrain from judging or criticizing and listen to them with an open heart.
My loved ones know that they can always count on me. I share my time and resources freely when they need help.

Fact or Fiction?

A team of scientists recently claim that a mix of carbon and gravity from Saturn cause the debris to fall to the planet as diamonds. They believe they are around a centimeter in diameter, but might range in size depending upon the availability of carbon. There is a new study which estimates there are more than 1,000 TONS of diamonds created every YEAR. Scientists believe that the same thing might be happening on Jupiter as well.

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