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ThursdayAugust17CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research that links your emotional state with your  physical health.

 MAKING CHANGES: It’s a challenge, but possible to make a change to your physical  health when you make a change in one thing.



In The News

Research demonstrates that you life satisfaction and enjoyment may significantly influence your physical health. The investigators examined why and the conditions where it’s most likely to occur.

The investigators found that your well-being may exert an effect on your physical health because your mental state affects your health behaviors and through the link that exists between your immune system and your cardiovascular system. While scientists are exploring and debating how and when happiness most affects your health, there is no doubt that it does.

Professor Ed Diener commented in Science Daily:

"We now have to take very seriously the finding that happy people are healthier and live longer, and that chronic unhappiness can be a true health threat. People's feelings of well-being join other known factors for health, such as not smoking and getting exercise. Scores of studies show that our levels of happiness versus stress and depression can influence our cardiovascular health, our immune system strength to fight off diseases, and our ability to heal from injuries."


Daily Health Tip

Happiness is a subjective feeling, so don’t judge your happiness or your family’s, based on circumstances or what you think SHOULD make you happy.

Making Changes

Being and expressing gratitude is an excellent place to get started improving your emotional health. Expressing gratitude and feeling grateful actually improves your health. Here are several strategies to help you get started.

1. Keep a gratitude journal. Write in it at least twice a week and record things that happened that day for which you are grateful. They don’t need to be big things - the barista who was kind, the guy who held open the door or the police officer who didn’t write you a ticket.

2. Make writing in your journal a habit by associating it with another activity - such as unfixing your bed, or shutting down your computer. If you choose to do it a couple days a week choose two consistent days so you remember - such as every Wednesday and Sunday or Tuesday and Saturday.

3. Express your gratitude to someone to their face. Saying thank you to someone makes them feel good and improves your health.

4. Write a letter to someone to whom you are grateful - even for something small. You may choose to not send it - but do write it.


Daily Affirmation

My faith fills me with gratitude. I give thanks for my blessings.
My faith increases my patience. I accept delays and setbacks as a natural part of life. I remain calm and adapt to whatever circumstances come my way.


Fact or Fiction?

The koala bear is cute, cuddly and often friendly. But, did you know that they have a physical trait that has stumped experts?

Yes! The Koala bear, the gorilla and chimpanzee are the only animals with fingerprints, other than ourselves. The difference is that the chimp and gorilla are primates and the Koala is a marsupial. The marsupials distinguish themselves from other animals by having young that are not completely developed. Such as the kangaroo whose baby is born, crawls into their pouch and nurses and continues to grow before emerging. The Koala bear has fingerprints that are so similar to a human’s that they can even fool experts.


Have a wonderful day!

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