Reducing Falls in Parkinson Patients May Improve Outcomes

ThurMay2CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: Exercise may help you and your family reduce the likelihood of falling, especially if you have family suffering from a neurodegenerative condition like Parkinson’s disease.

MAKING CHANGES: Exercise may not always be an easy regimen to add to your daily routine, but making small changes over time may improve your overall health, improve your balance and reduce risk of falling.

FACT OR FICTION: This is your surgeon on video games  . . .


In The News

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition, in which nerves are affected and the patient eventually may lose the ability to walk and eat. Researchers recently discovered that 25 percent of recently diagnosed cases of Parkinson’s disease fell within the first year of diagnosis.

This was surprising to the scientists as they expected a greater number in the latter stages of the disease. Doing even the simplest of tasks, like picking up car keys or bringing groceries in from the car, can cause the brain to misfire, sometimes resulting in a fall.

One form of exercise that appeared to have great success in reducing the number of falls suffered by patients with Parkinson’s disease was Tai Chi. This gentle form of Chinese martial arts helps to strengthen lower extremities and improve balance, both necessary to reducing the potential for falling.


Daily Health Tip

Falls in the elderly may result in a broken hip, leg or wrist. Unfortunately, after a broken bone, the risk of death in the following five years in people over 50, rises rapidly. Improving balance and strength reduces the risks of falls at any age.

Making Changes

Tai Chi is often learned in class with an experienced instructor. The moves are simple to perform. The beginner classes don’t require complicated or complex movements or coordination. You may find a class at your local YMCA or gym.

The trick is to get started, learn the moves and practice at home!


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Fact or Fiction?

While many parents are prodding their students to get off the video games, a new study has found that surgeons who spend 3 hours a week on video games perform surgeries 27% faster with 37% fewer errors. The surgeons were using laparoscopic surgery techniques which employ methods similar to those used in video games.


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