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IN YOUR DAILY DOSE today you’ll discover that while insect repellent may work, there are other issues with the products that can create more problems than it solves.

IN MAKING CHANGES today you’ll discover 8 different strategies you can use to reduce the potential of getting bitten.

IN FACT OR FICTION you’ll discover that your heart is an amazing pump. You may already know that, but did you know these five facts?


In The News

Mosquitoes can transmit a number of different disease, from the Zika virus to malaria and hepatitis. OFF has produced a clip-on device that deters mosquitoes and reduces your potential for contracting mosquito borne illness.

The clip on releases a vapor form of an insecticide, using a battery powered fan. Researchers found that the combination of fan and vapor would kill mosquitoes within a 0.3 meter distance, enough to protect one person.



Daily Health Tip

Although this OFF product is effective against the mosquito population, the testing on the health of humans is not as positive. The active ingredient is Metofluthrin, which is a pyrethroid pesticide. These pesticides are dangerous for humans and animals.

Although important that you don’t get stung and infected with a communicable disease, it must be balanced against the toxins to which you are exposed in the products. It could be time to start looking for more natural ways of reducing your risk of getting bitten by a mosquito.


Making Changes

1. Stay inside at dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

2. Don’t wear floral prints or perfumes or colognes that attract mosquitoes.

3. Avoid perfumed soaps, cosmetics and perfumed deodorants when you’re outside.

4. Try rubbing garlic clove over your exposed skin.

5. Avon Skin So Soft Original Scent works wonders as an insect repellent and is much safer.

6. Throw rosemary on the fire if you have a fire pit or on the bar-b-que.

7. Eliminate standing water from your yard where mosquitoes breed.

8. Citronella candles will repel mosquitoes in the area.




My Daily Affirmation

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I make time in my busy schedule to relax with my friends?

2. How can I balance showing love to others while being firm about my criticism?

3. How easy is it for me to be warm to others when I am feeling down?


Fact Or Fiction?

Your heart pumps every day, night and day. Whether you are thinking about it or not, your heart is delivering oxygen rich blood to your tissues and your body. Here are five amazing facts you can share with friends and family. Click here to read them now!

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