Research May Predict Your Reaction to Junk Food

MonJan31CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE:today is research using a mouse model that may demonstrate your reaction to eating junk food.

MAKING CHANGES: We’ll give you simple strategies to help protect your digestive system.

FACT OR FICTION: Is it really illegal to eat specific foods on certain days? Is it legend or is it real?


In The News

Researchers from London have been able to predict how mice would react to consuming junk food by analyzing chemical signatures from gut bacteria that show up in the urine. Scientists discovered that these chemical signatures could also predict which mice got cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.

The compounds that showed up in the urine were a result of bad bacteria growing in the intestinal tract - also called gut microbiome. These simple bacteria are responsible for much of the DNA in your body, for your immune reactions and even for your emotional and mental health.


Daily Health Tip

Your gut is the home of nearly 10 million bacteria - both good and bad. You have control over keeping your gut healthy by following a few simple suggestions.

Making Changes

What you eat affects the growth of bacteria in your gut that outnumbers the number of cells in your body. This bacteria is responsible for the strength of your immune system and impacts the inflammatory response in your body - which in turn affects your heart health, risk of stroke and potential for suffering immune mediated diseases, such as lupus.

You may make significant impact on your gut microbiome by making just a couple of changes to your diet. Researchers have discovered people eating a variety of vegetables have a more diverse microbiome (important to health). Sugar feeds the bad bacterial growth in your intestines.  Here are several strategies that may help you:

1. Consider using a quality probiotic and prebiotic supplement - the first to add a diverse microbiome to your gut and the second to feed them.

2. Reduce or eliminate your sugar intake, smoking and alcohol consumption as each negatively affects your gut bacteria, your immune system and your heart health.

3. Increase the amount of non-carbohydrate fiber you eat daily as it feeds your good bacteria and found in vegetables.

4. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat each day as these foods metabolize into sugar in your body.


Daily Affirmation

I embrace simplicity.
I scale down my expectations, focus on essentials, and clear away distractions.

Fact or Fiction?

Legend has it that eating mince pie in England on Christmas day is illegal. This myth started from a law passed during Oliver Cromwell’s reign to guard against gluttony. However, once Charles II came into power these “laws” were struck and it is now a myth that has been perpetuated - probably because it’s so ludicrous!


Have a wonderful day!

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