Science May Be Able to Follow Your Thoughts

TueFeb6CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research from the University of California Berkeley that demonstrates science may be able to do what you haven’t been able to - follow your thoughts!

MAKING CHANGES: None here today!

FACT OR FICTION: Generally recognized as intelligent, these mammals that live in the sea may be smarter than you think. They live in pods and help each other raise their families. This one appears to be an ambassador to us.


In The News

Researchers from the University of California Berkeley used recording equipment to follow electrode placement on the cortical surface that provided a clearer view of thinking patterns and how the prefrontal cortex coordinates your brain’s response to perception.

Using patients who suffer from epilepsy, researchers were able to follow brain activity as it detected, interpreted and responded to a stimuli by activating motor areas before the patients were aware how they would respond.  This increasing knowledge of how the brain functions may lead to improvements in treatment protocols for patients with neurological disease.


Daily Health Tip

Your neurological health is vital to your health, longevity and ability to perceive joy during your day. Use the strategies we’ve given you to support your mitochondrial health and your gut health that each support your neurological health.


Daily Affirmation

I feel energetic and alive when my diet is healthy. Eating nutritious food gives me the spunk I need to take on tough days. My diet is carefully planned out.
When I happen to fall off course, I quickly resume my healthy eating habits. I know that it is easy to negate the good effort I put in by making unhealthy food choices. Each day I remind myself why I make positive diet decisions.

Fact or Fiction?

Unlike other animals, dolphins are extremely intelligent. They can communicate between themselves and with humans.  They live in pods or families of up to 12 individuals and help to raise their young together. They have excellent eyesight, hearing and can locate objects using echolocation. And, believe it or not, the Orca - also called the Killer Whale - is actually a species of dolphin.  This video demonstrates how one wild dolphin could recognize the signals from this diver and submitted to his care.

Have a wonderful day!

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