Scientists Cassify Compounds in Vegetables Reducing Your Inflammation

TuesNov20CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research that has identified specific colored vegetables that contain a compound that helps reduce inflammation in your body. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, stroke and a number of other health conditions.

MAKING CHANGES: We’ll help you identify the vegetables and give you ideas of how to integrate them in your daily diet.

FACT OR FICTION: Do you want to spice up your workout routine? You might not have to look any further than your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse!


In The News

Lutein is a compound found in highly colored vegetables that has been found to reduce the inflammation in your body. The study used individuals who already suffered from coronary artery disease and benefited from eating vegetables, such as tomatoes, yellow and red peppers and spinach.

Dr. Rosanna Chung from the Department of Medical and Health Sciences at Linkoping University, commented on their study in Science Daily:

"Our study confirms that one particular carotenoid, lutein, can suppress long-term inflammation in patients with coronary artery disease. We have also shown that lutein is absorbed and stored by the cells of the immune system in the blood.”


Daily Health Tip

Vegetables are good for you - just like your mother told you!

Making Changes

The choices you make each day have an impact on your health today and your future health. Do a search for recipes that include grapes, kiwi, spinach, zucchini and a variety of different squashes - each of which contain lutein to help reduce inflammation in your body.

Other fruits and vegetables that have color have lutein as well, just not as much as the ones just listed.


Daily Affirmation

The choices I make impact the kind of life I am able to live. I avoid wasting opportunities to better myself. Any chance I get to better myself is worth my attention and dedication.
Setting relationship goals is a necessary part of my life planning. My focus is on ensuring positive, healthy surroundings. That comes from keeping my relationships healthy.
Fact or Fiction?

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Have a wonderful day!

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