Secrets of a Longevity Protein is Revealed

MonFeb5CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research from Yale University in which scientists discovered the secrets of a protein named after a Greek goddess.

MAKING CHANGES: Simple strategies you can use each day will help increase your longevity AND the health you enjoy each day.

FACT OR FICTION: Looks Like a Bear, More Like a Raccoon


In The News

Researchers from Yale University have begun to uncover the secrets of beta-Klotho, a protein molecule associated with long life. By illuminating the three-dimensional structure of the protein, scientists believe they may be able to also discover the secret this molecule holds for therapeutic potential in treatment protocols.

The implications are that the molecule may reveal ways of treating obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. BUT, thankfully you don’t have to wait for the wheel of science to discover a wonder treatment that comes with it’s own list of dangerous and possibly lethal side effects.


Daily Health Tip

The foundation of your health and wellness rests on the decisions you make each day - the food you eat, quality of sleep, movement and exercise, hydration and quality of the air you breath. Each of these factors play a significant role in your health and wellness and whether or not you suffer from disease.

Making Changes

We can’t share all the changes you could make to be healthy in this one newsletter or it would be book-length!  Follow our newsletter daily and you’ll discover the changes you may consider that over-time will benefit your health and increase your longevity as well as reduce your risk of disease.


Daily Affirmation

My body responds efficiently when I take good care of it.
I love how my body supports my activities each day. It responds efficiently when I dedicate the time to keeping it in good shape.

Fact or Fiction?

This animal lives in China, looks like a bear but is more like a raccoon. They have extra digits on their front paws . . . Can you guess?

I live in China. My coat is rich and full. Although I might look like a bear, I resemble a raccoon even more. People think I’m an omnivore, but I like the plants more than the animals. I have an extra digit on my front paws that helps me to eat the plants I love so much and my stomach has a thick layer of mucus to protect it from splinters.  Have you guessed yet?  I’m a Panda!

Have a wonderful day!

Your Healthy Life America Team


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