Sharing the Load Eases Stress, Says Researchers

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New research from Queen’s University, Canada has demonstrated that strong relationships between two people can help ease stress when individuals are faced with difficult situations. The researchers used adolescent young women in stressful situations who were physically close to their mothers.

Prior to the situational stress, they were asked to rate their emotional closeness with their mothers. During the situation they either held their mother’s hand or didn’t. The researchers found that those adolescent girls who were physically close to their mother and held their hands, were able to handle the stress more effectively, as evaluated by sensors placed on their skin measuring levels of perspiration.

The results of the study showed that we are better equipped to overcome challenges when we are either physically or emotionally close to another individual. They also suggested that physical contact can help us overcome stress, even in relationships where the emotional closeness is lower quality.



Daily Health Tip

As you might have guessed, it’s important in our lives to have close relationships with other people. We were made to be in relationship and not to live alone. When we are close to other people our physical and mental health are better and it appears we are also able to cope with stress more effectively.

Evaluate your current friendships. Do you have someone you can call in case of an emergency? Are you married? Do you trust your spouse? Do you have a close boyfriend or girlfriend you know would be there for you no matter what time of the day or night?

If you can’t answer yes to one of those questions, the issue is probably not who you know, but how you value your friendships. It’s our responsibility to develop those friendships with others and not the other way around


Making Changes

It’s impossible to force a close friendship. These are the relationships that grow over time and with effort. If you are married, then your spouse should be one of those close friends who values you and your health. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with spousal relationships that are authentic, transparent and emotionally close. However, if you are married, then it is YOUR responsibility to make the effort to achieve that type of emotional closeness. Marriages take work, effort and forgiveness to work well.

In any relationship one person has to be the first to say they’re sorry or to make the first move toward authenticity. Don’t rely on the other person. Take a chance in your life by opening up. Yes, you can get hurt when the feelings are not reciprocated – but you will never know what you could be missing until you try.


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