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FriAp15ChildrenCI.jpgIn Your Daily Dose today researchers from the University of Missouri looked at the discussions you have with your pediatrician and how they affect the outcome of your child’s illness. You might be surprised to learn how this can affect your family.

In Fact or Fiction you’ll discover an interesting fact about certain family of pigs which may entice you to take your next vacation in the Bahamas.

Your Affirmation today ask self-reflective questions to help you focus on your success.




In The News

Research from the University of Missouri Health found that discussing treatment for your sick child may suffer from poor outcomes related to the medical terminology used by the pediatrician. In fact, this study looked at the treatment of “pink eye” as it related to the use of medical terminology between the patient, parent and pediatrician.

At least 2 million children suffer from conjunctivitis or “pink eye” and visit their pediatrician each year. These visits can confuse parents when sometimes they walk out with antibiotics and other times they don’t. However, the term used to describe the condition remains ‘pink eye.’

The difference lies in the perception of what the underlying meaning of the term implies. To a parent pink eye is a serious eye infection that requires antibiotics. But, to a pediatrician, pink eye may mean discoloration related to allergies, bacterial infection or viral infection. In the study parents were given a short story and asked to answer questions. When the eye disturbance was called an eye infection parents were likely to want antibiotics only when the physician believed it would help. However, when the disturbance was called ‘pink eye’ the parents wanted antibiotics whether or not they were told that antibiotics would be effective.

Oftentimes doctors are not cognizant of the fact that the words they use can have a different mean to the patient than it does to them. This type of miscommunication can lead to a number of different problems, including the overuse of antibiotics.




Daily Health Tip

Although you might think that you and your physician are communicating about the same topic, it is in your own best interest to confirm the information you’re hearing. When you and your physician are not communicating about the same condition it can lead to poor results when you don’t follow all the recommendations or your doctor over prescribes antibiotics.

Over prescription of antibiotics has led to the development of superbugs which are resistant to most antibiotics and can lead to permanent disfigurement, disability or even death.


Making Changes

We are gradually coming out of the era when the doctor knew best and no questions were asked about the diagnosis or treatment. Today we have websites like where you can get help from people around the globe to diagnose a particularly difficult case. Patients are asking more questions and physicians are slowly coming down off the pedestal they’ve been held to for decades.

Although knowledgeable, it’s also important that you take control and charge of your own health and the health of your children. Ask questions, even when you think you know the answers. Question the diagnosis, the treatment plan and anything else you feel needs further attention. Your health and the health of your children depends upon your ability to understand what the doctor is saying to you and your decisions about how to treat the issues.



My Daily Affirmation

Today, my motivation is my strength and determination to earn my victory. Those factors make each success more meaningful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I encourage myself to keep going when it seems next to impossible?

2. What strategies can I use for goal setting so each one feels more attainable?

3. How can I rally the support of my loved ones in achieving goals?


Fact Or Fiction?

This is too strange to be fiction and too much fun to pass up. This family of pigs is bringing tourists to the Bahamas from around the world.  Would you like to swim with them?

You can!. Known as the official home of the swimming pigs, visitors are able to frolic in the surf at Big Major Cay, an uninhabited island, also known as “Pig Beach.”  The family of pigs are feral but are exceptionally friendly with tourists, running out from under the trees to greet the tourists who bring them treats. They are fed by crews of passing yachts and vessels and have become so popular that they inspired a children’s book, “The Secret of Pig’s Island,” by Jennifer Nolan and a song by Sandra Boynton.


Have a wonderful day!

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