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Customized eWellness Portal for Corporate health & wellness Program




The eWellness Portal customizable health and wellness portal is a one-stop solution for individuals and employers, that enables complete management of all workforce and member health & wellness programs and resources. eWellness Portal comes with a suite of corporate employee health and wellness solutions that enables you to improve the health of your workforce and track results. The portal also includes the eWellness Portal Mind-Body HRA, interactive online Event Scheduler, Meal Planner, thousands of recipes, and the eWellness Portal MSD Prevention Program. It is designed to fit any screen resolution; Desktop/PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Employers need not worry about hosting and maintaining the portal. It is completely hassling free. It motivates employees and members to adopt healthier practices at the same time making it easy for administrators to manage the portal and workforce health from the backend.


Best Health Risk Assessments Employee Wellness Solutions


Corporate workplace health & wellness program features



  • Customizable Health Risk Assestments & Screening Tools
  • Healthy Life Evaluator
  • Wellness Challenges and Goal Trackers
  • Nutrition & Fitness Tracker
  • 600+ Fitness/Exercise Library
  • Interactive Meal Planner/Healthy Chef Videos
  • Health and Wellness Articles and Videos
  • Work/Life Library of 1000's of Articles
  • Legal/Tax/Financial Library
  • Healthy Life Assist (work/Life concierge for employees)
  • Healthy Life Alert (assistance with emergency notification)
  • Interactive Scheduler to Manage Events
  • Confidential Coaching Platform
  • Customizable Wellness Reward Program
  • Community Social Media Platform
  • Power4Work Program - MSD Prevention
  • Reports


  • Standard PortalA One-Stop Solution for Corporate Wellness Comprehensive, Engaging, Cost-effective, Easy to Implement
  • Stand-alone HRAThe Health Risk Assessment comes with the eWellness portal, but is also available as a stand-alone product.
  • Online SchedulerThe online scheduler is ideal for scheduling one-time or recurring appointments, health & wellness events, medical campaigns, clinical visits, health care seminars, etc.
  • Enterprise Portal Services  eWellness Portal is also available on a Reseller Basis (B2B) as a Fully Customized White Label Health and Wellness Portal.
  • Application Integration & SSO-  eWellness Portal integrates seamlessly with third party vendors and APPs. This allows you to house all your health, wellness, benefits and other programs in one secure place with a single sign-on.


How our health and wellness standard portal Works

Working with the eWellness Portal health and wellness standard portal is very easy and simple. Through the intuitive dashboard, users can lookup Challenges, Goal Trackers and make entries to their journal and keep track of changes in blood pressure, body weight, sleep patterns, physical activity, nutrition at home, at work, anytime, anyplace. This enables a high adoption rate because it is easy to use and includes built-in engagement tools like healthy recipes, resources/articles, video libraries, personal and private blogs to keep users coming back on regular basis.

Employee workplace Wellness solutions Features and Benefits

    • Portal can be set up in less than 7 working days. 
    • Responsive design and mobile interface .
    • Easy to use the content management system to publish specific content to your users. 
    • eWellness Portal Reports can be generated at a click of the button. These include Portal Usage, Aggregate HRA Report, Event Scheduler and Coaching reports (if applicable). Custom reports can be generated on request. 
    • Portal can be customized with your organization’s logo and branding. 
    • Confidential health coaching & Customizable rewards platforms. 
    • The eWellness Portal Mind-Body customizable Health Risk Assessment. 
    • Integration capabilities with any third-party vendor. 
  • Clinical events platform including online schedule/calendar.


Workplace Wellness Enterprise Portal Services

The eWellness Health & Wellness portal is truly a one-stop solution eHealth Care for the workforce or member health. The portal is customizable as per the needs of organizations like Health & Wellness companies, Insurance & Consulting firms, Health Care & Academic Institutions, Employers, Brokers & TPAs. The portal, with full-blown administrative capabilities, is ideal for large enterprises with very specific requirements. As eWellness Portal is a complete white label portal, it can be easily customized as per your specific organization’s needs.

How it works

Our Enterprise portal comes with the same capabilities as our standard portal. However, we will develop, integrate and configure with your functionality and branded to your organization.

You can use our Enterprise portal as a reseller (B2B) or as a white label portal from customizing the look and feel to other applications. Get in touch with us for more information regarding Enterprise portal solutions. The portal can be hosted on dedicated servers with your dedicated URL/domain.


Successful corporate wellness programs Experience

The cost of employee health care to companies is increasing yearly at an alarming rate. The conventional method of directing resources largely to treat employees who are sick or injured is no longer economically sound. This old way of thinking is clearly one reason for the spiraling pharmaceutical, absenteeism and other health care expenses most organizations face each year. Furthermore, the increasing prevalence of preventable chronic diseases in the workplace is creating a perfect storm of more sickness that drives more costs.

No company will be successful in a globally competitive world with anything but healthy and productive employees. This is where the eWellness Portal comes in. It helps employers create environments that encourage employees to stay well in addition to taking care of them when they get sick.  eWellness Portal empowers employees to become self-leaders and decrease their risks through a variety of wellness products and services. In a nutshell, the focus of the eWellness Portal is both sickness prevention and successful employee wellness promotion. Thus our successful health & wellness program aims to both lower employee risks and prevents disease as well as helping healthy employees stay healthy. The return on investment of quality Corporate Wellness is undeniable.


Our corporate health & wellness program can do

Quality Corporate Health and Wellness has to be radically different than stand-alone, piecemeal wellness programming such as onsite blood pressure checks, weight loss incentives or lunch hour fitness walks, often implemented with limited success. A great Wellness Program has to be driven from the top, integrated into the company culture, be purposeful, strategic and must be evaluated annually.

The eWellness Portal Successful corporate workplace employee health & wellness programs fulfill these criteria and are also cost-neutral – when decreases in pharmaceutical claims, absenteeism, and overall health care costs are considered. That is, a company investing in the eWellness Portal employee health & wellness programs has lower health-related costs on one side of the economic equation while realizing increased health-related productivity on the other side of the equation. There is no downside!

Below is a sample of the successful health program profile of two companies that invested in the eWellness Portal Corporate Wellness program showing health risks at baseline and after 1 & 2 years measured via the eWellness Portal MindBody Health Risk Assessment & screening



Why eWellness Portal is better than others

The company I had a higher risk profile, with more employees at high risk relative to Company II with a healthier profile and fewer employees at high risk. Changes in risk over 2 years after the comprehensive and incentivized eWellness Portal Corporate workplace health & wellness program are outlined for both companies. As shown above, there was a significant improvement in the health profile of both companies, with both increases in the number of employees at low risk (38% to 62%) and decreases in the number of employees at high risk ( 45% to 29%) for Company I. Similar improvements were found in Company II, with increases in low risk status from 45% to 60% and decreases in high risk status from 45% to 29%.

It is well established through research and industry reports that as employees get healthier, employer costs decrease. The cost savings for both companies are projected below:




These cost savings estimate the potential annual savings that may be realized by reducing health risks in each organization. And if the actual health costs are available, these estimates can be easily verified through direct measurement. corporate workplace employee health, health and wellness programs for the employee, Successful corporate wellness programs



What makes eWellness Portal Unique


Power4Work (Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention)


    • Baseline information is gathered through the eWellness Portal's Mind-Body Health Risk Assessment (HRA) that identifies personal health as wellness as work-related risk factors specific to MSDs. Educational sessions raise awareness about the importance of exercise, strength, safe lifting and manual handling. 
    • Individual risk factors such as excess weight, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep and fatigue are addressed through challenges and social support. 
    • Brief pre-work fitness sessions to stretch and warm-up muscles along with micro-breaks offer relief for repetitive, manual or sedentary work. 
    • Wellness and safety messages are reinforced by incorporating wellness education into safety sessions and safety education into wellness sessions.

Interactive Meal Planner

Participants have access to a rich and unparalleled nutrition program. This includes customized meal planning, suggestions for healthy meals, shopping lists, over 2000 recipes from all over the world and specialized diets such as ‘Gluten – Free’, ‘Vegetarian’, ‘Weight Loss’, ‘Diabetic‘ and ‘Heart Healthy’. These are accessible on any mobile device allowing employees to have information while shopping, socializing or cooking.


Healthy Chef

eWellness Portal's team of registered dietitians and cooking coaches have developed a series of recipes and cooking demonstrations that employees can use to prepare simple, easy-to-make and nutritious meals. The goal is to support and promote healthy lifestyles through the development of healthy eating habits and cooking skills. Video demonstrations include special topics such as vegetarian meals, food and mood, performance nutrition, diabetic diets, and others. These are accessible on any mobile device allowing employees to follow the recipe while cooking


Health and Wellness Center Online Scheduler

eWellness Portal offers online detailed scheduling for all your appointments and events for users at health and wellness centers. The Online scheduler comes with the Wellness Portal service and can also be used as a stand-alone tool. Using this tool, administrators can create, invite and share appointments and events with users with minimal administrative burden.

The online scheduler is ideal for scheduling one-time or reoccurring appointments, health & wellness events, medical campaigns, clinical visits, health care seminars, etc.


Health and Fitness Coaching & Counselling

eWellness Portal offers the option to set up a private and confidential portal where individuals can communicate with coaches and counselors online or set up telephone appointments. Users can share their HRA results or other documents, if they so wish, with the coach/counselor of their own choice, in a totally private and confidential manner. “Digital Coaching”, available through eWellness Portal’s HRA program, includes specific recommendations for action based on the individual’s risk factors and interests.


Rewards & Incentives

eWellness Portal offers the option to implement a customized rewards and incentives program with minimal administrative burden. The standard eWellness Portal rewards and incentives program is based on a point system, where employees/users fulfill pre-determined health and wellness goals at four different levels, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.



Through eWellness Portal’s community board, wellness coordinators and employees communicate with each other and share pictures to help promote camaraderie and engagement.  Employees share their accomplishments through testimonials and build peer mentoring teams.  They can form their own support groups and create private or public challenges.


Health and Fitness Application Integration & SSO

eWellness Portal integrates seamlessly with third-party vendors and APPs. One of the most unique advantages of our platform is the ability to integrate with almost any third-party vendor. This allows you to house all your health, wellness, benefits and other programs in one secure place with a single sign-on.

Examples of integration include:

    • Telemedicine
    • Electronic Health Records
    • Online Health Pros (Doctors, Fitness Experts, Dieticians, Psychologist, etc..)
    • Nurseline 
    • Health Advocates
    • Online Counseling Programs
    • EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Platfrom
    • Health coaching 
    • Incentive programs 
    • Claims, benefits & other information 
    • Health provider search 
    • Flexible spending accounts 
    • Biometric screening & HRA results 
    • Pharmaceuticals 



Wellness Program Benefits

Employees are the assets of an organization. As an employer, you are concerned about employee health and you know the value of optimizing employee health because happy healthy employees mean greater productivity, fewer claims and more money saved. You also need to plan and implement various health and wellness plans, track them all and provide reports to management that show your wellness efforts are working. eWellness Portal offers a cost-effective solution that motivates and engages employees and helps you manage your wellness program efficiently while minimizing the administrative burden.


Benefits for Employers 

    • Gain instant, real-time data on the health of your employees. 
    • Tailor the platform with the modules you need and include your company’s logos and branding. 
    • Manage employee Health and Wellness in one place centrally. 
    • Create multiple groups based on the company’s organizational structure. 
    • Communicate directly to employees who are at risk for certain conditions while complying with HIPAA regulations. 
    • Upload fresh, customized content on a regular basis to keep employees engaged. 
    • Set up health coaching, organize team challenges and incentivize staff with an automated rewards program.
  • Lower healthcare costs and increase ROI with a healthier workforce

Benefits for Employees:

Employers see high adoption rates from employees because our portals encourage engagement and are extremely user-friendly. Through the portal, employees can:

    • Take a Health Risk Assessment to identify the conditions they are most at risk based on their lifestyle, demographics and personal history. 
    • Participate in social challenges with co-workers and earn points and rewards for healthy behavior. 
    • Sign up for goals, challenges and track regularly their progress. 
    • Get valuable tips and advice from health care experts
  • Sign up for health coaching and chat live with their coach through the platform


Steps to Corporate Wellness

No company will be successful in a competitive world with less than healthy and productive employees and no employee can be successful and productive with less than good health and vitality. Champion companies value their employees and employees in turn are engaged, creative and productive. And the ROI of corporate wellness is established. So resources and funding cannot be the limiting factor; every company can put some type of wellness in place.

Because Good Health is Good Business !

Below are 5 simple steps for a scalable and goal-oriented program.

Corporate Wellness in 5 Steps

Step 1 – Determine Need: A Health Risk Assessment provides a wealth of information to both employer and employees. It creates awareness and helps set goals

Step 2 - Examine the Data and Develop Plan: This is a collaborative process between management and employees, so the wellness plan is embraced by all.

Step 3 - Communicate: A wellness program is as successful as its communication plan. And this should be generated by employees with the full support of management.

Step 4- Incentivize and Reward: Behaviour change is difficult initially, so rewarding employees to get healthier gets buy-in. And incentives do not have to be monetary.

Step 5 - Track Results: Repeating the HRA at the end of the year gives you the comparative data you need to track results and make adjustments to reach your company goals

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