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WednesdayThinkingCI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE today is information about your thoughts concerning your own mortality. Yes, at some point we will all die. It’s what you do between TODAY and your last day that makes a difference in your life and the lives of those you love.

IN MAKING CHANGES you will discover four specific things you can start today to improve your self-esteem - you’ll see health effects within weeks!

IN FACT OR FICTION today you’ll discover the snakes that are the widest and the one that is the longest.

In The News

Did you know that your mortality is actually bad for your health? In point of fact, we will all die. There is not one person who will live forever in the body they now possess. There is not one person who will take their worldly possessions with them. And, there is not one person over the age of 10 who does not know this.

But, according to research from the University of Kent, there is empirical and causal links between having low self-esteem, having an awareness of their own mortality, and seeking behaviors that will reduce their self-awareness of their mortality.

More alcohol, less thoughts about self, and an avoidance of writing about self were three of the factors identified in the participants of the study. Participants were also more likely to engage in risky health behaviors, such as recreational drug use, binge eating, smoking and cutting.

SOURCE: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150826102028.htm


Daily Health Tip

The study found the most negative results in people who experienced poor self-esteem. However, each of us will, at some point or another, face our own mortality and contemplate what it means for our own lives. By taking a proactive approach to your own self-esteem, you are less likely to engage in risky health behaviors and more likely to experience success in your life.


Making Changes

Raising your own self-esteem will take purposeful behavior. It won’t happen without your participation. Here are several strategies you might try if you feel that you lack self-esteem and suffer from poor results in your life.

1. Pay close attention to your self-talk. What you say to yourself, whether in your head or out loud, does make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. You might think that you’re just joking, but your brain doesn’t see it that way. Say only positive things about yourself, or you’ll experience a self-fulfilling prophecy - and the negative things you say WILL come true.

2. Never compare yourself to others. We are all born with a different set of talents and abilities, and each of us are just as worthy as the next.

3. Forget about perfection. The one factor that will reduce your self-esteem to tears faster than anything else is believing you can be perfect and striving to attain it. Instead, work to produce the best you can with what you have at the moment. Leave perfection to God.

4. Exercise, and exercising outside, are two things (exercise and being outside) that will quickly boost your mood and your creativity. With an elevated mood and more creativity, you’ll be more productive and feel better about yourself. Each of these things will contribute to improving your self-esteem.


My Daily Affirmation

Workouts after taxing days help to restore peace of mind. Downloading at the gym each evening returns me to a centered place.

Participating in exercise allows me to release stress before interacting with others. My loved ones and friends deserve happy interactions with me. Exercise helps me to unwind so I am able to give my best to those I love.


Fact Or Fiction?

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