When Failure is Perfect Sense

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In the Daily Dose today we discovered that making a mistake might be rewarding. In business it’s important to fail fast and keep moving. The idea is that we learn from our mistakes and the faster we make the mistakes and learn, the faster we reach success. Research from the University of Southern California tells us scientifically what happens when we fail and why it’s important to our future growth.

In today’s Fact or Fiction you’ll discover a very special island where you can swim with some very special animals.

In The News

As humans, our brain learns new information two different ways. We either learn to avoid mistakes or we learn when we are rewarded with the right answer. You’ve probably heard of positive and negative reinforcement when training animals or dealing with children. For instance, if a child misbehaves they’re punished (negative reinforcement) or given a treat if they do something correctly (positive reinforcement).

Scientists have now found that if given the opportunity to learn from the mistake, the brain may interpret a negative consequence as a reward. Scientist used MRI imaging to watch the activity of the brain when the participants in the study answered questions and learned from their mistakes.

During the trial the researchers allowed the participants to learn from their mistakes and found that the area of the brain which some scientists called the “reward circuit” was activated, mimicking the brain’s reward-based learning response.

SOURCE: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/08/150825103111.htm


Daily Health Tip

We all make mistakes. At one point or another through every single day we make a wrong choice – whether it’s a big one or a small one. Knowing how to approach that wrong choice can make the difference between feeling good and learning something and feeling badly and learning nothing.


This research identifies specifically why failure is a good way to move toward success and how you can incorporate that change in your daily life.


Making Changes

Start small and make this change a daily habit so when the bigger mistakes happen you are more likely to learn than to keep going around the same mountain day after day and week after week.

When you’ve made a decision that has negative consequences ask yourself a few questions:

1. What went wrong this time?

2. How could I have done things differently?

3. If the same situation occurs again what will I do?

4. How is this situation the same or similar to other things I face each day?

The habit you form in asking yourself questions and answering them will help you identify areas where you can grow and learn. That growth will also increase the potential you’ll experience for success.



My Daily Affirmation

Today, I acknowledge the remarkable benefit that comes from having a pleasant demeanor. My ongoing commitment is to smile with each person I encounter. Taking that route to kinship helps to make the world a better place.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I respond when my smile is met with anger or disdain?

2. Which situations make it more difficult for a mere smile to break the barrier?

3. What other strategies can I use to let others feel comfortable enough to talk to me?


Fact or Fiction?

Did you know why yawning is triggered? When you become more tired or aren’t active your brain receives just a little less oxygen. By taking a deep breath, filling your lungs and yawning you actually will wake up more because you’re sending more oxygen to your brain. Of course, if you really are exhausted no amount of yawning will wake you up! This only works when you’ve been shallow breathing and sitting for a long period of time.


Have a wonderful day! 
Your Healthy Life America Team


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