Who Crashes Their Car More Than Teenage Boys?

WedJuly12CI.jpg IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research from the Journal of the American Medical  Association linking this condition to an increase in car crashes.

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 FACT OR FICTION: Can Sharks swim in freshwater?


In The News

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association - Pediatrics, demonstrates that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder get their driver’s license less often than their peers, and when they do have a license they may be involved in more accidents.

Patient records from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia were linked to traffic safety databases. Nearly 2,500 students with ADHD were compared against nearly 15,000 students without the condition. The researchers found 42 percent with ADHD crashed their car during the study period, compared to 35 percent without ADHD.


Daily Health Tip

ADHD is a real condition that affects the brain of children and adults - and therefore behavior. These people are not smarter or less smart than others, they just see the world a bit differently and may suffer from impulsivity problems. Researchers have found that cognitive therapy may effectively help these individuals function more appropriately in society.


Daily Affirmation
I ask others for feedback. My family, friends, and co-workers sometimes see my abilities more accurately than I do.
Understanding my talents positions me for success. I feel motivated and engaged. Playing to my strengths energizes me.

Fact or Fiction?

Most sharks are salt water fish (they aren’t mammals) and can’t live in freshwater. Except for the Bull shark.  These sharks can survive quite nicely in any degree of salinity. They prefer the shallow coastal waters and have been found as far upstream in the Amazon river as 100 miles. They’ve also been found in the Mississippi River from the Gulf Coast!

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