Women Smokers Quit With More Success Timed With Their Cycle



IN YOUR DAILY DOSE: A study from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, researchers made a discovery that could change your success when you try to stop smoking.

MAKING CHANGES: Smoking is an addiction that’s hard to break, but once changed makes significant improvements in your health. Here are some tips from our Stop Smoking Program that may help you over the hump.

FACT OR FICTION: The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island with a lot to offer, read more in the newsletter!

In The News

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania discovered what many women have known for centuries . . . somethings are just easier to accomplish when you time them with your menstrual cycle.  The results of their study were presented at the annual meeting of the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences.

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Learning how the menstrual cycle affects neural processes and cognitive behavior may help develop more effective and individualized treatments for women who are trying to stop smoking. The researchers theorized fluctuations in hormonal levels influence how women make decisions regarding “rewards” or smoking.

The data supports literature showing progesterone has a protective effect over addictive behavior and women who try to stop smoking during their luteal phase - the days between ovulation and menstruation - may have a greater success rate than those who don’t carefully time their quit date.

Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/05/160531113333.htm


Daily Health Tip

The health effects of cigarette smoking is far reaching - affecting you, your family and even the health of your future children. It affects nearly every organ in your body. Quitting can add years to your life.

However, smoking is highly addictive and quitting is not easy. Use some of the tips in the Making Changes section below to help improve your rate of success.


Making Changes

1. Consider hypnosis. Many people have had great success with hypnotherapy from a professional or self-hypnosis. Another option is to use Emotional Freedom Techniques which are based on the science of acupuncture, but without the needles.

2. Coaching and Support is important to your success. Research demonstrates that those who use a structured support system have better rates of success than those who try to go it alone.

3. If you aren’t interested in nicotine replacement therapy, then it’s time to go natural. The practice of chewing licorice sticks started in the West Indies and is a good substitute for oral gratification the cigarettes often satisfied.

4. A popular herbal remedy in China is to grate a fresh radish with two teaspoons of honey and a small amount of water. Drink this mixture daily.

These are just a couple of tips to help you design a personal stop smoking program to work with your lifestyle. However you decide, it’s important that you quit. Everyone stumbles and falls. The objective is to get up and try again until you succeed.


Daily Affirmation

I have the necessary patience to avoid settling for the wrong person. I have the self-control and resilience to recognize the importance of patience and am willing to wait for true love.

I have peace of mind during my search for the right partner. I am optimistic about the future and look forward to meeting my soul mate sometime soon.


Fact or Fiction?

The Dominican Republic is located on an island and is one of the first places that Christopher Columbus landed. Baseball is the most popular sport and Sammy Sosa the most notable player from the Dominican. The island is a beautiful vacation spot, with golf courses located with ocean views, medieval European towns, natural preserves, and Saona Island with turtles, beautiful birds, parakeets, dolphins and fishing bats. Each year Humpback whales arrive between December through March to mate. It is the second largest country in the Caribbean where the official language is Spanish, although many people are multilingual speaking English, French and German. Their main source of income is coffee, sugar and tobacco - and tourism!


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