Yoga is now Associated with Depression

ThurSept6CI.jpgIN YOUR DAILY DOSE: today is research from the American Psychological Association that the practice of yoga may be associated with depression.

MAKING CHANGES: The change is simple, short and to the point.

FACT OR FICTION: This is your President Lincoln


In The News

Researchers from the American Psychological Association have confirmed what most yoga practitioners have known for centuries - the practice of yoga may help reduce your experience with depression.


Daily Health Tip

Yoga is a wonderful way to improve your flexibility, metabolism and reduce your experience with depression.

Making Changes

Exercise is an important part of your everyday routine to help reduce your experience with disease and may also help improve your mood. Try a class at your local rec center or purchase a beginner DVD to use at home. It won’t be long before you’re hooked!


Daily Affirmation

I also understand how to handle the needs of others. I can balance my own desires with their wishes.
Today, I naturally connect with others during work, social activities, and volunteer opportunities. My network of friends is large and continues to grow.

Fact or Fiction?

Lincoln was the only U.S. President to hold a patent. He invented a device to free steamboats from running aground. He wanted women to have the vote as early as 1836. Although he was a Christian and read the Bible daily, he never joined an organized church or ascribed to any specific religion. He had a dog named Fido and cat named Tabby, who ate at the Presidential dinner table. Lincoln’s first business failed, he didn’t get elected to office until his last bid for the Presidency and he only had 18 months of formal schooling. He achieved amazing things in his life through perseverance and strength of character.

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